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We offer a number of solutions to fit any advertising budget.

In addition to banners, we offer the following services:

* Sponsor News
* Sponsored Reviews
* Video Reviews

As of April 2008, CollectionDX is serving over one million pages per month to over 300,000 visitors. We average 11,000 visits a day, with over 40,000 pageviews a day. CollectionDX is ranked highly on google, and Top 10 results for many of our target market terms. Our YouTube videos and reviews have over 1.5 MILLION views.

In addition to banner campaigns, we offer innovative promotional ideas such as sponsored reviews and articles, contests, text links and referral codes.

CollectionDX offers a state-of-the art ad server, with full reporting capabilities.

Contact us today to find out more.

Existing advertisers may log-in to our ad server here.

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