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NIS America to release season 2 of Yuru Yuri

By VZMK2 on September 17, 2013

Like easy going lesbians? Watch this show.

"Attack On Titan" Gets Abridged - And It's Lulzy

By Animaven on August 20, 2013

Because we were all thinking it.

What’s In That SAO TV Special?

By Animaven on August 16, 2013

Novelist Reki Kawahara gives us some of the deets about that upcoming special.

Picture of the Day

By Animaven on August 13, 2013

Are you a fan of "AnoHana?" So are a lot of people who like their anime with a healthy dose of feels. It's so popular that you can't hit a con these days without seeing someone cosplaying as sweet, affable, tragic Menma. At Comiket last weekend, however, someone sported drag Menma cosplay, and an oppurtunistic Tweeter caught drag Menma in either one of the funniest or most horrible locations ever: the mens' room. 


The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 13: All Koreans know Taekwondo.

By Dkun on August 09, 2013

After going through now one but two moves, I am finally relocated in an undisclosed bunker and ready to record! . . . Right before needing to go back to school! Despite taking that month long break, we still catch up on all of the latest and greatest news like all discussing some of the big blockbuster giant robot movie of the summer, drastic changes in the Youtube world, the most fabulous mustache, and more Muvluv.


Toei Robot Girls is back!

By VZMK2 on July 29, 2013

Moezinga, Moezinga, Moezinga Zeto!

Quite Possibly The Best “Attack on Titan” Merch Ever on Pre-Order

By Animaven on July 22, 2013

Gentlemen: credit cards at the ready!


By Animaven on June 28, 2013

Get ready to re-work your budget.

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 12: Our shining Dafoement.

By Dkun on June 28, 2013

Despite some slight technical hiccups, we bring you the latest episode of the OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef. In this episode we confirm that Yamato is totally dead, that there is too much robot news to talk about right now, and that Takehito Koyasu keeps sneaking into our Japanese cartoons. You can download the new episodes HERE and HERE.


In this episode we talk about:

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 11: Bear hugs

By Dkun on June 11, 2013

So aside from a two week setback where I forgot to upload stuff, we're BACK! You can download the new episodes HERE and HERE.


In this episode we talk about:


Lewd nosecone wiggling.

NIS America to release Yuru Yuri on Blu-Ray!

By VZMK2 on June 06, 2013

Yuru Yuri on Blu-Ray!

Section 23 Announces September Slate

By Animaven on May 30, 2013

“Elfen Lied,” “AKB48,” “This Boy Caught a Mermaid,” and “Patlabor” and more coming your way

“From Up on Poppy Hill” Headed to Blu-Ray and DVD

By Animaven on May 30, 2013

Miyazaki’s film lands September 3rd

Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 6

By dapperfex on May 25, 2013

As one could easily guess from the events of last episode, this week’s episode focuses on Rukino Saki - and a fairly interesting persona she is. While she at first seems completely one dimensional, merely using her charms and sob stories to worm her way closer to Haruto in order to become more famous, it’s shown later in the episode that there’s something darker lurking under the surface. Her ‘lying’ to Haruto about parental abuse and needing to become famous to escape a tortured past was, in itself, a lie.


By Animaven on May 22, 2013

From rising star Soubi Yamamoto, creator of This Boy Can Fight Aliens, comes a tail of a different color.

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 10: The Last Time for L-Gaim

By Dkun on May 05, 2013

We've done it, we've passed the 10 episode podcast hurdle! Can you believe we've been doing this for ten episodes now? Join us again as we talk about what we've been getting, what we've been playing, and what we've been watching!

In this episode we talk about:

The elephant in the room.

Happy Walpurgisnacht!

By Animaven on April 30, 2013


Happy Walpurgisnacht! While some view April 30th in the traditional sense (witch’s holiday, six months to Halloween, blah blah blah) anime fans know what it REALLY is - a good excuse to watch “Madoka Magica.” 


By Animaven on April 25, 2013

Want the biggest bang for your buck in law enforcement?


By Animaven on April 24, 2013

The great evil is back, but that’s the LEAST of the problems complicating Muneakira’s life


By Animaven on April 24, 2013

No big shock here.
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