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SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 11!

By Jmann on May 16, 2013

Just when you thought it wouldn't get here, Jmann finally got his crap together so he and SentaiSeiya could continue on their journey of magic and Dinobonoids!

JM: Alright. So the episode starts off with Boss Chaos regenerating Dogold by allowing the Dogold armor to consume a Cambeastian. I think that was a pretty neat way to have Dogold remain relevant after losing his own body in the fight with Utchy (Kyoryu Gold). To make a long story short, they use a new monster called Debo Spineless to remove peoples' neck bones.

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 10!

By Jmann on May 02, 2013

Hello my babies! This review is another amalgamation of SentaiSeiya and Jmann! You know, like all of these have been!

JM: This episode takes place right where the last one left off. The Kyoryugers were fighting Dogold and found out that it is actually Utsusemimaru, Kyoryu Gold, inside of him. BADUM! We are then treated to the explanation of why from the always lovely Torin. Apparently Utchy jumped into a portal thing when he was fighting Dogold and they fused together.

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 6!

By Jmann on March 30, 2013

JM: This episode was pretty good. We finally got to see Kyoryu Cyan in action!

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 4: Fire Away! The Courageous GabuRevolver!

By Jmann on March 18, 2013

JM: It's that time again, boys and girls! The time where SentaiSeiya and I rant about this week's Super Sentai episode! This week was KyoryuBlack's special episode, where we get to see him finally open up to the team and overcome some insecurities that appeared out of nowhere!

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 2!

By Jmann on March 04, 2013

JM: This is a review created through the sheer brilliance of both Jmann and SentaiSeiya! It's a little late because I screwed up my computer! YAY STUPIDITY!

JM: Anyway, this episode was pretty excellent overall. While it played around at being an episode focused on both Blue and Pink, it ended up basically just being an episode about Blue and his family. Speaking of his family, it turns out that his sister is none other than DEKA YELLOW! Not really, but it's the same actress. Also, Nobu (Kyoryu Blue)'s niece is adorable.

SUPER CHRISTMAS TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 16: A Christmas Miracle!

By Jmann on December 24, 2012


This week's episode of Kamen Rider Wizard was a Christmas Special! It centers on Tetsuro, a grown up orphan who tries to give presents to the children in the orphanage he grew up in! The episode is filled to the brim with Christmas cheer, joy, and even a cameo by the man in red, himself! Of course, don't think that this means the episode isn't ACTION PACKED, either, because it totally is!

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 15: After The Last Scene!

By Jmann on December 22, 2012

Alrighty, folks. This week's episode wasn't exactly the most amazing story arc conclusion I've ever seen, but it wasn't all bad. We were able to witness Wizard's new WATER DRAGON STYLE and... well, not much else happened that's worth mentioning... I mean, the conclusion was fine and all, but this entire arc felt very filler-y to me. Of course, that seems to be the case with every Rider show around this point.

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 14: The Film Director Returns!

By Jmann on December 13, 2012

Oh man. It has been several weeks since I've reviewed one of these episodes. Sorry. I was originally going to have a massive review to catch up, but I figured that what's done is done, so I might as well just start with this week's episode. 

But I will say that between episode 11 and 13 we were introduced to Hurricane Dragon Style (as I predicted). I have a feeling that the next several episodes will introduce Water Dragon Style and Land Dragon Style as we ramp up to the introduction of the secondary Rider of the series. You can quote me on that.

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10: NSA SECTION ZERO!

By Jmann on November 18, 2012

As you have probably already guessed, Kamen Rider Wizard didn't air last week due to some dumb sporting event or some other nonsense. But I refused to let THAT stop me from reviewing the episode! But now that I've actually SEEN the episode now, I can give you a quick recap and review!

SUPER FAKE REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10: The Search for Spock

By Jmann on November 09, 2012


Ok, so it starts out, and Wizard is running around trying to find rings or something. He was all like, "OH! I HAVE TO FIND RINGS OR I'LL GET DIE OR SOMETHING OR OTHER." So he starts running around even FASTER than the speed of fast and is all like ZOOM POW! 



Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 Convention Report!

By Jmann on November 05, 2012

Hey guys! A few weeks ago we went to Anime Weekend Atlanta! And I haven't bothered posting this because of how lazy I am! Click the linkage below to listen to our thoughts and feelings about AWA 2012!

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 REPORT

Joining me in this adventure are Dkun and VIR

Here are some lovely pics from the event!

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 9: Dragon's Roar!

By Jmann on November 02, 2012

This is the conclusion to last week's episode. If you haven't watched it yet, please be warned. THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD, MATEYS.


So, last week's episode left us with Kamen Rider Wizard being set on fire and thrown off of a bridge. HOW WILL HE SURVIVE!?


My Thoughts: Kamen Rider Wizard Ep 8: A New Magic Stone

By Jmann on October 29, 2012

Ah, another week, another episode of Kamen Rider Wizard! As per usual, this is the beginning of another two-week episode arc. Now that we are eight weeks in, this is where some Rider shows tend to lose a little ground and air a lot of filler while we wait for the reveal of something big (another Rider or powerful form). It seems that Wizard is no exception, as I didn't think this episode was really that great. Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD!




My Thoughts: Kamen Rider Wizard Ep 7: Buying Memories.

By Jmann on October 23, 2012


OH MAN. This is really really late. I mean, I should be doing Episode 8 at this time but I'm lazy. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on last week's episode!

I totally liked it. The action was solid, the story was well-paced, and we really got to see the reason why some characters acted the way they did. That is my spoiler-free review in a nutshell. I must say that from here on out, there will be SPOILERS MAYBE.



Kamen Rider Wizard Ep 06: My Thoughts

By Jmann on October 12, 2012

I've been a huge Wizard fan since the first episode. I'm going to start slapping my thoughts on each episode here each week so you can all see just how much of a life I don't have! YAY! I may retroactively add my thoughts on each episode that I've missed, but I probably won't. So we just get to start at Episode 6: For a Beautiful Flower! 

Ok, I don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't seen the show yet, so I will refrain from mentioning plot-specific details. 

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