My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 44: Silent Night – It’s Time for Buster

By VIR on January 08, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters – entitled Silent Night – It’s Time for Buster – starts off with an explosion! Great! The ‘Busters are in battle with the Zeta (the Messiah Megazord), and things aren’t going well. Hiromu gets injured and the Buster Machines are getting pummeled. To make things worse, TEN enemy Megazords are also on approach!


The ‘Busters make a hasty retreat to repair their Machines and repair their bodies, especially Hiromu, who took the brunt of the attacks from the Zeta.

We see that the Zeta is still trying to evolve further – its prime directive – and is therefore absorbing buildings in the city. Escape couldn’t be any more excited for her Papa’s evolution and development.

zeta zeta

The Enemy Megazords are within reach, so the ‘Busters – sans Hiromu (who needs more time to recuperate) – go off to stop the incoming horde. A fight of the century breaks out as the five Machines fight off the four ‘Zords. However, more and more ‘Zords show up to fight. It’s also revealed that the reason they are there is for the Zeta to absorb them, too! The ‘Busters try and stop it from absorbing the Megazords, but alas! they are too late!


Oh, no! Messiah has finished his evolution and is now complete! What’ll we do?!
Simple! Have Hiromu show up in the Great Li-oh and save the day!
Hiromu rallies the team together – really, saving them from the clutches of Messiah – and proceeds to combine with the other Machines to make Go-Buster-Oh to combat the nefarious Messiah!

come all ye faithful

Their first attempt fails, as Messiah proves that he is too powerful for the team to defeat! However, trusting in themselves, proving that they will win, and yelling a lot, the ‘Busters are able to cut deep into the armor of Messiah and destroy his evil presence once and for all with a mighty explosion!


To celebrate this tremendous victory, the ‘Busters head back to the orphanage to put on their annual Christmas party for the children. A happy ending for all, especially when it starts to snow; a happy Christmas for all involved…

… however, who is this mysterious stranger outside the orphanage?
None other, my friends, than Enter who now possesses the power of two Messiah cards.


 My, my, my. What an interesting episode!

Two deaths, and one resurrection; everything is coming to a close, mates, and it’s getting loony!

Firstly, Enter is totally back! I knew it! It would have been way too easy to kill him last episode – and way too poor – so I’m glad that he is back. Also, this would say to me that Enter is the true villain of the show. This is quite interesting seeing as how he was at first a blind puppet; cool development, I must say. Also, having the ‘Busters think that Enter is dead and having just seen Messiah killed, the show can now slip Enter back in as the villain in some sneaky and awesome way.


Enter also still possesses the card that hold the back-up of Jin’s data. Will there be hope for his body yet? Ooooooh, suspense!

So, escape was totally eaten by Messiah.
That’s pretty wicked, and Escape really was just a dirty pawn this whole time. Seeing as how this show has been going, I wonder if that is her fate? She looking a lot like Hiromu’s mother and having been told by Enter that she has become so very human, I wonder if she will come back in some capacity?

hurr durr

Again, busted masks are the best thing ever.
Just saying.


This episode also brought back a movie-exclusive Buster Machine, the FS-0O with little Ene-Tan inside! This is a pretty cool shout-out to the movie, and it was well appreciated.


This episode’s strength was the fighting and impact of the character’s dedication to the future of their city and its people as well as the memories of their loved ones that disappeared those 13 years ago. It really drove home their determination of action and their want to protect what’s important. For instance, Hiromu recklessly wants to join in the fight even though he is badly hurt; Nick – knowing what is best for Hiromu – tells him that his parents’ wish was for him to live, not complete some mission.


This along with the shouting of their goal during the final fight cemented their beliefs and made their characters more developed. This was satisfactory and good to see; the build up and development of all their characters came to fruition for this point, and it was good.

With Messiah and Escape destroyed and Enter back, we can only assume what can happen next. Stay tuned for more as we continue to wrap things up!

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