My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 50: Eternal Bonds – Finale!

By VIR on March 12, 2013


This—uh, that week’s episode of Go-Busters takes off where the last one ended and presents us with a stalwart and emotionally keyed episode. I know it’s been the norm as of the last twenty or so posts, but since this is old news, I’ll just stick to what I found cool this episode.

so mad

Hey, don’t get mad at me!
You’ve seen the episode, so why should I recap?


Okay, so this episode was pretty great, and I am really glad to see it do a lot of awesome things. Firstly and most importantly, this episode was emotionally taxing; the ‘Busters’ goal was finally at hand and everything that they strived for was coming to a close. To win, however, they must destroy Jin’s body thus making it impossible for him to ever live again. This depresses the ‘Busters, but Jin starts to yell at them, reminding them all of their goals and sacrifices for this moment. A very strong and emotional scene (tears rolling down everyone’s faces helped a lot), this was a truly great scene as it made all the characters come to a full rounded circle and feel alive.


Srs, this was captivating. It showed the fullness of the characters and the penultimate growth of Jin; he has changed from a greedy bastard to a self-sacrificing martyr.


Speaking of Jin, he died… and he stayed dead! Now, I’m not happy for this nor did I want him to die (he was, after all, one of the best characters and one of my top favorite). What impressed me is that after he sacrificed himself and fully died, Toei didn’t cop-out and bring him back at the end. This made his sacrifice hold weight and made it pertinent. I was hoping that Toei would follow through with this idea, and I am very happy that they did. I’m saddened that Jin Masato is gone forever, but it needed to happen and made for a more convincing and thought-out ending.


Enter’s defeat was stunning in its simplicity and great evilness. Enter—to the very last—just knew he was going to win, that his trump card was his winning hand. The ‘Busters, having destroyed Jin, knew that this was now false; Enter had no leverage. At this point, it was a drag-out brawl with explosions and taunts. This felt so Dudley Do-Right, but, by that fact alone, it felt so RIGHT. It was a Saturday morning final fight, that clear separation between good guy and bad guy. I was rooting like a child the whole time for the ‘Busters, and it just felt good.


To put it in simpler terms, it was a nice kick to the crotch to Enter, and it was nice to see; the Busters finally put him back in his spot.


Oh, and this was SCARY AS CRAP

Also, broken masks and busted suits for everyone (save Beet and Stag. I guess their suits were too expensive… or something). This made for a very impactful final fight, and it looked RIGHTEOUS! You already know how I feel about broken masks, so I won’t go into detail. Just know that this scene was awesome.


Yeah, man… nothing better.

There was a nice epilogue in this episode, too. It showed the lives of the ‘Busters after the story: Yoko has gone started going to school; Ryuuji is an engineer; Hiromu is living a normal life; and Beet J. Stag is being his odd little self though notably still missing Jin. This was a nice addition to the end of the episode and it made the show come to a very nice, tied-up conclusion. The people the ‘Busters wanted to be before being conscripted in the ranks the Spec-Ops are being realized and goals are being fulfilled.

dem feels

Poor Beet J. Stag…
So many feels.

And there we have it, readers, Go-Busters is finished. I, for one, loved this show and am glad to have watched it. Go-Busters put so much heart and attention into the story and character-development, and this made for an absolutely engrossing and captivating experience. Story and character are the two most important things in a show, and Go-Busters knew exactly that. A very special thanks to Toei and everyone who worked on the show, and thanks for reading.


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SentaiSeiya - March 15, 2013 5:28pm


Although I was a little skeptical about there being another story after the Busters went to the Sub-dimension to fight Messiah, the last 20 episodes actually did a good a job at keeping the story alive. These last episodes were used wisely to explore the dynamics between Enter, Escape and Red, culminating in a very satisfying finale.

That aside, any bets on how they are going to revive Jin for the movies?

VIR - March 26, 2013 9:46am


I'm glad you enjoyed 'Busters to the very end, mate.
As for bringing Jin back... a ghost, or something. Or they just won't talk about it (Toei is good at that.).

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