The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 13: All Koreans know Taekwondo.

By Dkun on August 09, 2013


After going through now one but two moves, I am finally relocated in an undisclosed bunker and ready to record! . . . Right before needing to go back to school! Despite taking that month long break, we still catch up on all of the latest and greatest news like all discussing some of the big blockbuster giant robot movie of the summer, drastic changes in the Youtube world, the most fabulous mustache, and more Muvluv.


You can download the new episode HERE and HERE

In this episode we talk about:

The amazing new Zaku.

High tech giant robot piloting suits.

The most amazing eyepatch.

Festive Mickey Mouse aprons.


SterTully's Coffee.

Terrible, terrible human beings.


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VZMK2 - August 09, 2013 1:49pm


I don't see Tomoko as a terrible person.

Also if you're looking for something to fill the void of Yuyushiki, watch Kiniro Mosaic. In fact in ran in the same publication.

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