SUPER CHRISTMAS TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 16: A Christmas Miracle!

By Jmann on December 24, 2012

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This week's episode of Kamen Rider Wizard was a Christmas Special! It centers on Tetsuro, a grown up orphan who tries to give presents to the children in the orphanage he grew up in! The episode is filled to the brim with Christmas cheer, joy, and even a cameo by the man in red, himself! Of course, don't think that this means the episode isn't ACTION PACKED, either, because it totally is!

It starts off with Haruto and Koyomi wandering through a forest looking for the place she found the Magic Water Rock from a couple of episodes ago. Wizard senses something is wrong because they keep running around in circles. They give up the chase and head into town, where Medusa and Fancy Pants (Phoenix) are thinking of ways to cause despair, when Tetsuro (this week's Gate) bumps into them. Phoenix follows him to see how to make him fall into despair.

We are then greeted to Rinko in a Santa suit! Which is awesome. She is handing out flyers for her Police Station when she is confronted by the Chief, who ends up telling her to take her job more seriously because she doesn't have a boyfriend. A couple of other female police officers show up and arrest him for sexual harrassment. Then Koyomi and Haruto show up and promptly make fun of her because of the suit, but their fun is cut short due to Tetsuro being attacked by THE PUTTY PATROL (or Ghouls)!

Well, Wizard henshins and beats the snot out of them and they take Tetsuro back to Wajima's shop.

After a few minutes of talking and stalking, we find out that Tetsuro is an orphan who used to cause a lot of trouble at the orphanage. He feels really horrible about how he acted as a youth, so he works a lot of odd jobs to buy presents for all the orphaned children. But he leaves them in the middle of the night so no one knows that he is the one who leaves them. Well, this is obviously what gives him hope, because of Christmas cheer and all of that, so Phoenix attacks him as he is carrying the presents to the children. 

Wizard is there and starts to fight off Phoenix and transforms after running up a wall! It's a really cool action sequence, as he uses Flame Dragon Style at first, then transforms into Water Dragon Style to finish Phoenix off by freezing him and blasting him apart with his tail!

Of course, the presents were destroyed due to the fighting and Tetsuro falls into despair, leaving Wizard to jump inside of him and fight his Phantom welling up inside. The monster looks like some sort of troll-like thing, but it doesn't matter because Wizard uses his Dragon to Rider Kick him into a bazillion pieces. 

The neat thing is that after he destroys the monster, Santa Claus appears and hands him a small present before disappearing. Inside the box is a MAGIC RING with a CHRISTMAS TREE on it! When Wizard uses it, it causes all the destroyed presents to magically repair and everything is as it should be. Once the ring is used, it disappears leaving Haruto to think that he actually met the REAL Santa Claus!

Well, the episode ends with Tetsuro leaving the presents at the orphanage, but he is spotted by the Director of the orphanage. The Director thanks him and tells him that he has a home there and they love him. The past is the past and blah blah blah it's a happy ending.

Overall, this episode was pretty excellent. The story pacing was really well done and everything wrapped up nicely! I like how they were able to cram everything into one episode without it feeling rushed. So kudos to the writing team for that one!

Tune in next week for a BEASTly reveal in Episode 17: ANOTHER WIZARD!

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