SUPER FAKE REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10: The Search for Spock

By Jmann on November 09, 2012

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Ok, so it starts out, and Wizard is running around trying to find rings or something. He was all like, "OH! I HAVE TO FIND RINGS OR I'LL GET DIE OR SOMETHING OR OTHER." So he starts running around even FASTER than the speed of fast and is all like ZOOM POW! 



THEN A MONSTER SHOWS UP! OH NO! WIZARD, THERE'S A MONSTER NEAR YOU! He's all like, "DON'T WORRY. I GOT THIS. WITH RINGS." THEN he pulls out a ring made of even more smaller rings called the SUPERBEST Ring. HE PUTS IT ON AND TRANSFORMS INTO SUPERBEST STYLE, which looks like him, but he's shiny.



Then, when he's fighting, Rinko, Shunpei, and Hokonopidokipo run up and they're all like, "WIZARD! OH MY GOODNESS. YOU have a power of POWERS! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WIN WITH FIGHTINSLGUDNUHG!"



THEN WIZARD TURNS AROUND and says, "Who are you talking to? I'M NOT WIZARD!" Then he takes off his helmet and it's really ME!


Everyone's all like, "OH MY SHNERPLES, you are a new Wizard Guy!"



Then Shunpei says, "Oh, you must be the Secondary Rider for this series! KIMEN RADER JMANN!"


And I'm all like, "No. I'm not the secondary Rider. WIZARD IS!"



OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Then Wizard jumps out from a dumpster and is all like, "OH MAN. JMANN, YOU ARE THE BESTIEST DUDE IN THE WORLDJAPAN."

"You am my heroes."


And then I jumped on my horse and flew off into the beach and everyone screamed "NO! COMM BACK KLAMIN BRADER JMANN! WE LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE GREASTTEST BDUEDE in FOREVER!"







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