SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10: NSA SECTION ZERO!

By Jmann on November 18, 2012

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As you have probably already guessed, Kamen Rider Wizard didn't air last week due to some dumb sporting event or some other nonsense. But I refused to let THAT stop me from reviewing the episode! But now that I've actually SEEN the episode now, I can give you a quick recap and review!

First off, I've noticed for a while that the episode arcs generally start off slow and end with a bang, so I'll hold off on saying anything too negative. However, the episode certainly was a little slow. We got to see some secret agent people and a decent fight, but not much else happened this episode. I can't wait to see if it ends up being really awesome next week. As some of you may recall, I hated episode 8, but the conclusion in episode 9 was off the charts AMAZING. 

Ok, from here on out, there will be SPOILERS as I recap everything from the episode!!!





Alright, the episode starts out with FANCY PANTS talking to EVIL GIRL about his failure! But WAIT! FANCY PANTS WAS KILLED IN THE LAST EPISODE!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!


Well, since they're special they can apparently revive themselves after getting killed. Well, that's not very fair. I guess it makes sense since FANCY PANTS' real name is PHOENIX. Oh well, then we get to hear some secret agents from the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY talking about Wizard, and how he has a PHANTOM inside of him! And this makes him a menace and an abomination! This could spell disaster for Wizard! Let's see what happens next!!!


NOTHING! At least, not yet. Not until Wizard leaves his home base and NSA AGENTS BREAK IN AND KIDNAP WAJIMA BECAUSE THEY WANT HIM TO MAKE A RING!!

Luckily, Rinko shows up to save the day! Nevermind, she doesn't do squat and they take Wajima anyway.


At that time, Wizard discovers a GARGOYLE PHANTOM THING attacking people and runs in and starts fighting it.


BTW, this guy is the Gate for this arc.


Anyway, Gargoyle has the ability to turn into rock, which is apparently invulnerable to swords and bullets and stuff, so Wizard has to use Land Style and beats the crap out of Gargoyle. But before Wizard can finish him off, Gargoyle runs away like a pansy. 

Then Shunpei shows up at Wizard HQ where Koyomi tells him that Wizard is out playing with friends and Wajima was kidnapped. This is his reaction.


Hey look, it's the creepy donut guy again. 


Then there's some boring talking with plot and stuff. Whatever.


Wajima now has a big green magic rock. It'll probably be a Powered-Up form for Wizard's Hurricane Style. YOU JUST WAIT. I'm sure that's what'll happen.


Anyway, Rinko shows up to yell at the NSA agents when Wizard shows up with the Gate, who apparently knows the NSA guys. More boring stuff happens and the NSA guys reveal that they know a lot about Wizard and have been following him. They tell the Gate, whose name is Naoki, to get back to the kitchen because it's dangerous outside. 

Whatever. Oh look, the bad guys are talking about more unimportant stuff!


Ok, back to Wizard HQ where Naoki tells the gang that his father was killed, and the head NSA Agent is probably the reason. THE PLOT THICKENS MOSTLY. Wizard then goes and confronts him.

Look at him. I know he's hiding something. That jerk.



Oh no, Naoki-Gate is being attacked because he was stupid and walked into an abandoned warehouse! 

Seriously, he should know better than to do that on a KAMEN RIDER show! He's just asking to get shanked. Anyway, HUMANS show up to help, but they get promptly squashed.







Hey, it's like the rollerblading part of Power Rangers The Movie! I digress, because it's time for the Putty Patrol to show up.


He beats them and fights Gargoyle again. Then he turns Super Saiyan and makes his sword really big. 



Then gargoyle runs off. Wizard comes back to talk to NSA Guy and Naoki when this week's twist hits.







So yeah, that was this week's episode. For more ramblings, check me out on my Twitter!

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