SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 14: The Film Director Returns!

By Jmann on December 13, 2012

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Oh man. It has been several weeks since I've reviewed one of these episodes. Sorry. I was originally going to have a massive review to catch up, but I figured that what's done is done, so I might as well just start with this week's episode. 

But I will say that between episode 11 and 13 we were introduced to Hurricane Dragon Style (as I predicted). I have a feeling that the next several episodes will introduce Water Dragon Style and Land Dragon Style as we ramp up to the introduction of the secondary Rider of the series. You can quote me on that.

Anyway, this was the beginning of a new arc and some fairly interesting things happened. One, we got to see Haruto make a mistake. Two, we got to see a huge rock that will become the Water Dragon Ring. And third, we got to see Koyomi in an adorable little hat. We didn't get to see much of Rinko, which is a problem in my book. Anyway, since this was the first in a two-part story arc, there is a lot of exposition and backstory that we are treated to so that we understand why things are going to happen in the second part of the story. As such, the episode wasn't the greatest, but the latter half of each story arc has been consistently better than the first half so I'm not too worried.

The episode starts out with the enigmatic Wiseman waking up and ripping a big blue stone from his chest. A little dog robot thing sees this and runs off to find Haruto and Koyomi, who have been out shopping and stuff. They decide to follow the Dogbot (which is actually called Cerberus) to see where he leads them and they stumble upon a man getting pummeled by a Phantom. Haruto steps in and transforms as Koyomi continues to follow Cerberus. Haruto assumes that the man we see is a Gate, and he decides to protect him. Little does he know, that the man is actually a Phantom himself. This opens Haruto to attacks from the inside since he lets his guard down around Satocchi (who is the film director from the show's title). 

Well, we also see this woman, who is an actress.  She turns out to be this story's Gate, but we already knew that since she's a new character that the story focuses on. I'm not saying this show is predictable, but this show is predictable. 


Anyway, Wizard finds out Satocchi is a Phantom, everyone finds out that actress girl is a Gate, Koyomi finds the big blue rock, and the Donut Shop Owners get to advertise the fact that there's a movie coming out and Poitrine is in it. They might as well have been screaming "PLEASE COME SEE OUR MOVIE. IT HAS FOURZE AND MAGICAL GIRLS IN IT."


Aside from that, we'll have to tune in next week to see how everything gets resolved!

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