SUPER REVIEW TIME: Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 15: After The Last Scene!

By Jmann on December 22, 2012


Alrighty, folks. This week's episode wasn't exactly the most amazing story arc conclusion I've ever seen, but it wasn't all bad. We were able to witness Wizard's new WATER DRAGON STYLE and... well, not much else happened that's worth mentioning... I mean, the conclusion was fine and all, but this entire arc felt very filler-y to me. Of course, that seems to be the case with every Rider show around this point. We're just waiting for the reveal of the beastly new secondary Rider for the series, and even though they are consistently giving Wizard new powerups every 2 weeks, there's just not enough to satisfy my hunger. Anyway, let me give you a nice recap of what happened this week!

So, Wizard starts fighting both Lizardman and Medusa and decides to use Land Style for some reason. They run away and Haruto returns home to check on Actress Woman (the Gate for this arc).

For some strange reason, Haruto decides to keep up the charade of Satocchi (Lizardman) being a Gate instead of an evil Phantom. Even when Satocchi OBVIOUSLY outs himself as a Phantom, Actress Woman just doesn't catch on. Seriously, after she tells Satocchi that her film debut means the world to her, he screams out "OH! SO THAT'S WHAT'S KEEPING YOU GOING!!!" Then he screams and waves his arms around to transform into Lizardman. Wizard shields her eyes for TWO SECONDS and she says "Oh! Where'd Satocchi go? OH NO! A PHANTOM IS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME!!!"

Seriously, that girl is DENSE.

Anyway, Lizardman goes and retrieves the film because he's going to destroy it in front of her while Haruto talks to Actress Girl for awhile. She reveals that she doesn't care about the movie, but is in love with Satocchi or something stupid like that.

Wizard roofies her a bit before Lizardman shows up.

Lizardman arrives and Wizard starts fighting him. Then, he uses the power of a fancy blue ring made from the fancy blue rock Koyomi found on Wiseman's bed in the last episode to transform into WATER DRAGON STYLE.

He looks really cool. This is probably my favorite of his forms so far. Maybe it's the rockin' blue, or the fact that he has A TAIL. Yeah, HE HAS A FREAKING TAIL AT THIS POINT.

He creates an ice skating rink out of a lagoon and blows Lizardman SKY HIGH! Then it starts snowing dead Lizardman snowflakes.

Wizard then lies to roofied Actress Girl and tells her that Satocchi ran away to America to be dumb or something or other. The episode ends with Wiseman returning to find the blue rock missing and he starts laughing MANIACALLY.



Tune in next week for something special! And Christmassy!

SentaiSeiya - December 22, 2012 12:35pm


Water Dragon does look pretty bitchin'. Kind of makes me want to catch up on Wizard.

Jmann - December 22, 2012 6:30pm


You mean my comments AREN'T ENOUGH FOR YOU?!

SentaiSeiya - December 22, 2012 7:31pm


Your words are pretty convincing, but the new suit design is like icing on the cake. I will see if I can squeeze Wizard in after I finish Kabuto.

SentaiSeiya - December 26, 2012 7:03pm


BTW, I started downloading Wizard. It looks like I will not be finishing Kabuto any time soon, as my girlfriend has started watching it with me and I have to watch it with her now. Since our schedules don't match that often, looks like I need another Rider series to watch on the side.

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