SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 10!

By Jmann on May 02, 2013

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Hello my babies! This review is another amalgamation of SentaiSeiya and Jmann! You know, like all of these have been!

JM: This episode takes place right where the last one left off. The Kyoryugers were fighting Dogold and found out that it is actually Utsusemimaru, Kyoryu Gold, inside of him. BADUM! We are then treated to the explanation of why from the always lovely Torin. Apparently Utchy jumped into a portal thing when he was fighting Dogold and they fused together.

JM: Kyoryu Gold was awakened when they broke the Dogold armor, so he was able to regain control for a second and help Amy and Souji escape from their entrapment. 

SS: Let's not forget the real heroes of this daring rescue: Amy’s feet! She has this weird talent where she can work a remote with them. Luckily that kind of dexterity can be used for other things, like untying your captured companion.


SS:Is it just me or does it seem like Amy is the object of the director and/or writer’s weird fetishes?  First there was the butt thing, now it’s a funny, yet kind of pervy foot thing... Anyway back to the action!  

JM: Then random things happen and the Kyoryugers are fighting Dogold again. Ramires shows up and combines his power with Torin's in an attempt to free Kyoryu Gold for good.It works

SS:Gold then gets his henshin on, complete with his own Japanese dance!

JM: Kyoryu Gold then immediately destroys EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE on the battlefield, summons Pteraidenoh, and then DESTROYS EVERYONE AGAIN!

SS: Yay for a super-powered introduction fight. I just hope they don't gimp his powers in later episodes, like they did with Shinken Gold.  On another note, I totally dig how his attack makes the name of the attack appear. It is very Kakuranger-y!



JM: Then when the team tries to greet him, he becomes a jerk and walks off into the sunset saying that he didn't want to become part of a  team. I WONDER WHY. MAYBE WE'LL FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OR SOMETHING.

JM: Overall, I really liked this episode. It was a fairly original explanation of a sixth ranger (not counting Gaoranger, you sick people), and I really loved it. Seeing Pteraidenoh destroy everything was awesome.

SS:   Some sixth Rangers, like Bouken Silver, make cool appearances only to become lame characters. Others, like Shinken Gold, make flashy appearances and become crucial to the team and the entertainment value of the show. I really hope the Kyoryu Gold is going to fit into the latter category. And Pteraidenoh is awesome!  I cannot wait to get me some sweet, sweet Pteraidenoh toy action.

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