SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 11!

By Jmann on May 16, 2013

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Just when you thought it wouldn't get here, Jmann finally got his crap together so he and SentaiSeiya could continue on their journey of magic and Dinobonoids!

JM: Alright. So the episode starts off with Boss Chaos regenerating Dogold by allowing the Dogold armor to consume a Cambeastian. I think that was a pretty neat way to have Dogold remain relevant after losing his own body in the fight with Utchy (Kyoryu Gold). To make a long story short, they use a new monster called Debo Spineless to remove peoples' neck bones.

SS:Dogold's ability to stay alive by taking the bodies of the Paramonters is also a cool way to create a somewhat immortal character. I think that adds to dynamics of the series, in a way that is similar to a certain villain in Shinkenger.  I imagine the Kyoryuger are eventually going to have to overcome Dogold's ability to posses other creatures.

JM: That's pretty messed up. I guess without a neck bone you fall madly in love with people. They use this to make a lot of people fall in love with Candelira. What a lovely plan. Anyway, they use the lovesick people to fight the Kyoryugers, but it obviously doesn't work.

SS: I take it this is Japanese thing. If they did the American equivalent, would it be a monster that puts butterflies into peoples stomachs?

JM: Anyway, they Kyoryugers start fighting Spineless and are saved by Kyoryu Gold. They try to thank him but he just blows them off and walks away. This makes Amy really mad so she decides to follow him to give him a piece of her mind. However, she finds this.

JM: Utchy is talking to himself about how much the other probably hate him, and how it makes him sad and whatnot. He then tells Amy about how he used to fight for his Lord, who looks exactly like King! He made a mistake of caring for people too much and it caused the death of his Lord. So now he's trying to be as stern as possible so no one gets hurt. So it was all just an act and Utchy is just a big old softy.

JM: Well, in the fight against Spineless, the others end up getting their neck bones taken so they fall in love with Candelira. Luckily, it doesn't affect Amy because Spineless is too bashful to touch a lady.

JM: So Amy calls Utchy to come help and then she fights off some monsters by riding on a unicycle. Why? I have no clue.

SS: I imagine the director was talking to the actress who plays Amy and somehow found out that she could ride a unicyle and thought " Great! kids love unicyles! Let's have you fight some monsters using a conveniently placed unicycle, even though it would have just made more sense and have been faster if you fought on foot." This was such a fun and enjoyable episode, that I would like to pretend that the unicycle thing did not happe. But it did, and it was cheesy because of how out of place it was and the fact that Amy never actually hits any of the monsters.  So I am going to subject you guys to a picture of it.


SS: The horror!! The cheesy, out-of-place hororr!

JM: So Utchy gets there and starts owning Spineless. In fact, Spineless can't pull out his neck bone because it doesn't work on other bashful people. Then Utchy frees the others and then they destroy Debo Spineless. You know, using Kyoryujin and Pteraidenoh. 

JM: Overall, I really liked this episode. I like how they turned the "stoic lone sixth hero" trope that Super Sentai uses a lot upside down with Utchy's real personality. It was a really fun episode and I can't wait till the next one!

SS: Agreed. To add to what has already been said, it was also a treat to see Candelira's voice actress play the role of the " Keep Smiling" baddy's human form. She has won my heart over!



On to the next epsisode !

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