SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 2!

By Jmann on March 04, 2013

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JM: This is a review created through the sheer brilliance of both Jmann and SentaiSeiya! It's a little late because I screwed up my computer! YAY STUPIDITY!

JM: Anyway, this episode was pretty excellent overall. While it played around at being an episode focused on both Blue and Pink, it ended up basically just being an episode about Blue and his family. Speaking of his family, it turns out that his sister is none other than DEKA YELLOW! Not really, but it's the same actress. Also, Nobu (Kyoryu Blue)'s niece is adorable.

SS: Huh! How about that!  I knew Blue's sister looked familiar, but I could not quite put my finger on where I had seen her before. The more I know.

JM: Alright, so without going into too much detail about the plot, we get started off by finding out that Nobu's niece had been hurt during the events where he first gained his powers. Because of that, he is unsure of himself and decides that he will do anything to protect his family. It turns out that his sister sees the Kyoryugers as a force just as dangerous as the monsters! OH NO! DRAMA! But then that drama turns into adorable when Daigo has this conversation with Nobu's niece.

JM: OH, THE ADORABLES. We also find out that Kyoryu Pink is actually a wealthy princess-type person, and her butler is very strict for some reason.

SS: I think the butler was the strict authoritative figure to give Pink room to grow as a character. She, like Blue, had to overcome the fear of revealing her true identity to somebody close to her. I think the butler's strict demeanor also gives us a glimpse at the type of family that Pink comes from, as I am sure there will be a clash between Pink and her parents in a future episode.

JM: Anyway, monsters attack and Nobu is forced to show everyone that he is, in fact, Kyoryu Blue. Red, Blue, and Pink then access their "Armored On" modes and destroy the monster.


SS: Then Kyoryu Blue totally runs circles around the enemy and gives him a clean nut shot for good measure.



SS: How come we never get to see bad guys getting hit in the family jewels on our kids shows!? Nut shots are just one of those gags that transcend age groups and should be allowed, maybe even required, in shows aimed at chilred! Why should we deprive our young of the joy of seeing a guy  smacked right where it hurts?

JM: EXACTLY! Then, in true Super Sentai fashion, the monster reawakens and grows into a GIANT! This lets us see Kyoryuzin for the first time! YAY ROBOTS!

SS:  I really thought that I was going to hate the fact that the Kyoryujin dances when transformed, but was pleasantly surprised to see the Kyoryujin's tribal dance was a unique post-gattai samba dance, which was quite fitting for the atmosphere the show is aiming at. HA HA SIM HA HA!

SS: The only thing I didn't like about the transformation was the fact that at the very beginning of the transformation they show Gabutyra playing the sounds on the batteries for Stegochi and Dricera, only to retun the batteries back to them. It kind messed with the flow of the transformation. It was like " Hold on, let us show you how the toy version of the Kyoryujin is going to play the sounds and then we will proceed with the transformation."

JM: Plus, it looked like it was throwing up into their mouths.This episode was pretty great. I thoroughly enjoyed everything, and I can't wait till episode 3!

SS: If only episode 3 were out already for Jmann to enjoy! Haha.

JM: Don't judge me!

SS: Sarcasm and poking fun aside, episode 3 was a good character development episode for Blue, Pink AND Red. While the main focus of the episode was to give us a glimpse of the normal lives of Blue and Pink, Red was there to push the character development along. The focus on Red, Blue and Pink lead up nicely to that three heroes combining their powers in order to form the Kyoryujin, it was a fitting end for the development of the episode. Red, Pink and Blue combined their efforst to overcome their own personal trials, much as the Kyoryujin required their mecha to combine in order to kick some monster butt.

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