SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 6!

By Jmann on March 30, 2013

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JM: This episode was pretty good. We finally got to see Kyoryu Cyan in action!

JM: The episode revolved around the team trying to free Ankydon from the grips of Debo Virson! Basically, he is inside Ramires's Beast Battery and is sucking his powers away. If it goes on for too long, Ramires will cease to be a Spirit! Oh no! Without giving too much of the plot away, the team runs around trying to find where Ankydon is hiding but it is Amy and Ramires who discover that Debo Virson is getting powered up by Candelira's singing. 

JM: Amy is able to break into the Beast Battery and draws Virson out by making him fall in love with her.  

JM:It's pretty funny when she uses it to her advantage in the battle and promptly kicks him right in the throat.

SS: Women: They act like they like you and stuff and then BAM! Haha.

JM: Once Ankydon is free of the spell, Ramires is able to transform into Kyoryu Cyan! I really like that he's chubby. It gives hope to all the other chubbsters like me who secretly want to be a Power Ranger.

SS: It reminds of when Raita in Jetman would transform into Yellow Owl. He too would lose some weight thanks to the transforming.  Just goes to show that the Henshin diet works! Even for spirits.

JM: The team then use Ankydon to transform Kyoryujin into Macho Kyoryujin! He uses Ankydon like a HAMMER! I really love that!

JM: In the end, Ramires leaves to travel the world in search of new Dinosaurs. I really liked this episode a lot. Plus, Candelira's song is really catchy. I can't wait to see what happens next week!

SS: I am going to have to disagree this time around.  Although it was nice to see Amy play the strong female lead in this episode,I found this episode kind of predictable. It wasn't boring, but not very exciting either. However, this episode does set up the show for the possible future adventures of Ramires. I wonder he will indeed return or if there will be a different Kyoryuger spirit helping the new Kyoryuger make nice with the other Jyudenryu.

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