Fall 2012 toys are landing in stores!

By Animaven on August 01, 2012


Time to crack the Velcro on your My Little Pony wallet. 

Took a trip through Target today, and the fall toys are definitely hitting shelves. Here are some of the goodies for the girls (and Bronies):


We’ve got plushes:

my little pony rainbow dash twilight sparkle pinkie pie plush

Giant talking/singing Princess Cadance. Looks like Hasbro found something to do with the pink Celestia dolls. 

Have some bad ass "K-On!" custom Nendoroids

By Animaven on July 31, 2012

Have some bad ass "K-On!" custom Nendoroids

Because amazeballs. 

k-on custom nendoroids


Summer Anime 2012!

By Animaven on July 02, 2012

It’s time for a new season of anime! New shows kicked off July first  -and here’s the infographic on what’s coming. 

summer 2012

summer 2012

summer 2012

BLSelected Works of Huke K:

By Animaven on June 29, 2012


He’s one of the most celebrated pop artists in anime and video games. He’s a genius who created a franchise that’s spawned an OVA, a Hatsune Miku song, an anime series and countless ruthlessly sought-after figures. He’s Huke, the man behind “Black Rock Shooter” and “Steins;Gate.” His new book, “BLK: The Selected Works of Huke” show us just why the man is so highly regarded, and the ways he’s changing anime. 


Yet another reason to hate Justin Bieber

By Animaven on June 27, 2012

justin bieber anime

Have some beautiful figure photography

By Animaven on June 18, 2012

It’s no secret that figure collectors often make for damn fine photographers. gives collectors a venue to showcase some of the beautiful things they made, and for those of us who enjoy gaping at lovely things, it’s a playground. 

Here’s a handful of pretties from their picture of the day/week/month collection. Enjoy!


Clive Barker is doing what now?

By Animaven on June 06, 2012

Dallas Comic Con: Cosplay!

By Animaven on May 26, 2012

Last week, I went to Dallas Comic Con. Look for the full report later, but in the meantime, here are some cosplay pics.

cosplay Bane

cosplay batman

cosplay booster gold blue beetle

From Afros to the state of the Anime industry: 30 minutes with Shinichiro Watanabe at Anime Central 2012

By SentaiSeiya on May 17, 2012

As a writer for CollectionDX, I recently attended the Anime Central Convention at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.  I, along with other members of the press, got a chance to sit down with Shinichi Watanabe(better known as Nabeshin) and pry deep( past his massive afro) into the mind of the director that gave us such crazy, over-the-top Anime as Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemi. His wacky answers to our (sometimes) hard-hitting questions had the whole room laughing.


By Animaven on May 17, 2012

Oftentimes, the internet makes it hurt in the childhood. Today, however, a lot of anime fans across the US got a little piece of that golden childhood awesome back - Toonami returns. 

toonami is back bitches

"Big Bang Theory" Loves Kotobukiya

By Animaven on May 14, 2012

It's time for a little game called "Spot the Kotobukiya bishojo figures in the background of "Big Bang Theory's" season finale!"

kotobukiya big bang theory

kotobukiya big bang theory

kotobukiya big bang theory

Week in Geek: Free Comic Book Day!

By Animaven on May 03, 2012

It's that time: press for Free Comic Book Day has begun! While the event, over the last few years, turned into one giant print ad, it's still ridiculously exciting. Not surprisingly there will be some "Avengers" action - the day after the movie premieres - and a little "Buffy" to whet your Joss Whedon-loving appetite (hey! Didn't he direct "The Avengers?" I see a pattern here...)


Anyway, here's the press release!

Nendoroids + Cherry Blossoms = Awesome

By Animaven on April 20, 2012

Good Smile Company, via Mikatan‘s blog, posted some crazy cool fan pictures of their Nendoroids in one of the most iconic Japanese spring landmarks: cherry blossoms. 


Check out some of the photographs:

yune nendoroid cherry blossoms

I love that everyone is going nuts modding their favorite character with Yune’s body. Her outfit works perfectly with spring. 

Joss Whedon is a dirty, filthy liar. Also, Dallas Comic Con!

By Animaven on April 12, 2012


Remember how, during the “Cabin in the Woods” panel at SxSW, Joss Whedon said that “The Avengers” wouldn’t feature the Kree or Skrulls? Remember how he explained that with a cast as extensive as the one he had, there would be no time for such a full and complex story as the Kree and the Skrulls? Well, the toys landed, and they are chock full of information.



Who are those guys? They couldn't possibly be Skrulls. Joss Whedon said-


By Paris365 on April 09, 2012

Originally published in Lollipop magazine issue 52.

I thought I’d heard contemporary music from every country worth hearing contemporary music from... But to my amazement, I was very wrong. Early one Saturday morning a few months ago, I turned on the International Channel and found myself watching a music video by a pretty Asian woman. The show was Music Video Heaven and the song was Korean, Music Video Heaven being a Korean music video show. Lucky for me, the show’s host spoke English and the credits superimposed on the screen were also in English.

Dallas All-Con 2012

By Animaven on March 16, 2012

Looking for something to do this weekend? Live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex? All-Con is happening in Addison, and while it isn’t one of Dallas’s biggest cons, it is one of the best. The cosplay is hard core, the people are easy going, and last year we had not one but TWO Tardises (Tardii?). 


Happy Valentine's Day!

By Animaven on February 14, 2012

kuroneko valentine


By Paris365 on January 29, 2012


by Michael McCarthy

Originally Published in May 2002

ShowaPop! Episode 3 Easily Convert your Computer to type in Japanese Here! Part 1

By Showapop on January 27, 2012

ShowaPop! Episode 3 Convert your Computer to type Japanese Here! Part1

A simple entry level lesson on how to convert your computer to type in Japanese,

Lesson 1 will focus on how to convert your computer to type Japanese with an emphasis Hiragana and Katakana.

Mac and PC friendly!

Because awesome.

By Animaven on January 25, 2012

The most badass "Tiger & Bunny" cosplay I've seen thus far:


tiger and bunny cosplay


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