Picture of the Day

By Animaven on July 25, 2013

It’s summer, so that means girls in bikinis. In honor of the Beach Queens “Penguindrum’s” Ringo review, the picture of the day is “Sword Art Online’s” Leafa in an itty bitty, teeny-weeny, blue striped bikini. Enjoy. 




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Petite Precure-Post: Milk Helps Build Strong Characters

By VIR on July 20, 2013

Milk is one of the three central mascot characters in the fourth season of Pretty Cure, Yes! Precure 5. Fluffy eared and the utmost champion of being a hateful nag, she purports herself a caregiver to none of ther than the Princes of the Palmier Kingdom themselves! What may seem like a simple and callous character at first, Milk quickly grows into a deep and expressive character with many endearing and important facets to both herself and the story.

Picture of the Day

By Animaven on July 17, 2013


It’s like one of those old-school, “Six Million Dollar Man” shots. Take a look at five different Black Rock Shooters come together to form one excellent leap of kicking Link in the face. 


picture of the day


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Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 24!

By VIR on July 16, 2013

This week on Dokidoki! Precure, plot holes were dug and the cast fell right in. With the primary focus on forward facing story and the seemingly uncaring attitude towards how said story is told and developed, there have been many pitfalls present (Alice, I’m looking at you) that have been destructive as a whole to the show. There are a number of decidedly dire detriments to Dokidoki’s story telling, but none as notable as Ai-chan, especially this week.

Let’s talk:

Picture of the Day

By Animaven on July 16, 2013

The Oatmeal might just be the internet’s favorite comic artist/blogger. In his new huge comic on running long distances, he tries to adequately describe just how awful Japanese hornets are, and the result is his usual hilarity. 


the oatmeal

Picture of the Day

By Animaven on July 15, 2013

Fan artists love to cross over shows, genres, you name it. Today’s Picture of the Day is what happens when a fan gives the characters of “Attack on Titan” transformation sequences, ALA magical girl shows like “Sailor Moon.” Enjoy. 


Attack on Titan


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Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 23!

By VIR on July 09, 2013

This week on Dokidoki: Cure Ace.
Yup, just a good heaping helping of mystery and intrigue (and Mana dealing with feelings and loss, but that’s beside the point; I mean, Cure Ace!) We got to see and learn a lot of cool, showy, and epic things about Cure Ace in episode 23, but there is one thing that I’d like to talk about today that titillated me: Cure Ace’s call to henshin.

Let’s talk:

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 22!

By VIR on July 02, 2013

[Warning: spoilers for past Precure shows ahead]
We met Cure Ace this week.
And, sure enough, the whole scenario wasn’t what anyone was expecting: Regina isn’t Cure Ace. This isn’t the first time this has happened, a character being flaunted as the potential next Precure and then WHAMMO! nothing comes of it; Regina not becoming Ace is part of a long running tradition by Toei to troll its fanbase with teases and last minute switcheroos, especially when it concerns new Cures. This has happened three time prior to Dokidoki, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 12: Our shining Dafoement.

By Dkun on June 28, 2013

Despite some slight technical hiccups, we bring you the latest episode of the OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef. In this episode we confirm that Yamato is totally dead, that there is too much robot news to talk about right now, and that Takehito Koyasu keeps sneaking into our Japanese cartoons. You can download the new episodes HERE and HERE.


In this episode we talk about:

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 21!

By VIR on June 25, 2013

Episode 21 of Dokidoki! Precure was intense. I don’t think there’s any other way to say it; this was an epic week, and it’s only going to get more exciting! Among the amazing character moments riled with emotion and surprise (ones that shocked me to no end), we get one that was quite interesting, one that intrigues me.

Let’s talk.

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 20!

By VIR on June 18, 2013

Episode 20 of Dokidoki! Precure continues this week with vast developments in the main story and quest of the Pretty Cure. This vast and seemingly quick story progress brings up a few points about the show so far both bother and excite me, detract and highly engage me.

Let’s talk:

You know, I kinda saw this coming back in episode 04, but Alice is doing that thing that I feared she would: she—along with the stalwart and mustachioed Sebastian—is becoming the ‘Cure all for any major problem faced by the Precures (and yes, that pun was intended).

Petite Precure-Post: Personifying Playing Cards

By VIR on June 13, 2013

The main theme in Dokidoki! Precure is that of playing cards. We see this present in the Cure’s names and their attacks; we also get to see this in numbers and the names of characters and places (four members, Joe Okada, Trump Kingdom, etc.). Besides the obvious usage of this theme, there are a few others that are a little less blatant, a few which might have stronger implications of story, character, and plot.

Let’s delve:

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 11: Bear hugs

By Dkun on June 11, 2013

So aside from a two week setback where I forgot to upload stuff, we're BACK! You can download the new episodes HERE and HERE.


In this episode we talk about:


Lewd nosecone wiggling.

E3 Recap

By Animaven on June 11, 2013

Here's what you need to know:






Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 19!

By VIR on June 10, 2013

Episode 19 of Dokidoki! Precure was quite… silly, for lack of a better word. We were presented with a battle between the Selfish Trio (now Selfish Quartet, really) and the Precures for sole ownership of all five Royal Crystals. If taken at face value, this episode is silly fun at its core; however, if one delves, there are gems just under the surface.
[P.S. BioShock spoilers ahead for all those who haven’t played it]

Let’s talk:

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 18!

By VIR on June 04, 2013

Episode 18 of Dokidoki! Precure was one of excellent exposition as to who our friend Jonathan Klondike is (or claims to be). From this we got to experience Kenzaki’s struggles with accepting this wild claim and her retaliation because of it.

Let’s talk:

Good Smile Posts Fan Pics of Ultimate Madoka Figma

By Animaven on June 04, 2013

Now that Ultimate Madoka Figma is out in the wild, the happy new owners are ready to share pictures with the world - or Good Smile, who put out the call for pictures to celebrate the new release. 

Super Review Time: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 12

By SentaiSeiya on May 29, 2013

Anime Central 2013: 30 minutes with the talented and lovely Yukino

By SentaiSeiya on May 28, 2013

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 17!

By VIR on May 28, 2013

Episode 17 of Dokidoki! Precure was a miasma of stunning reveals, each more exacerbating than the last. This truly was reveal central, with many new ideas and potential consequences and events emanating from them.

Let’s talk:

As I said only a few moments ago, we got a lot of stunning reveals this week, most notably (and importantly) Joe Okada’s true identity: Jonathan Klondike, the fiancé of Princess Marie Ange!


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