Alex Garner/Jim Lee

Wonder Woman issue 600 Statue by DC Direct! The New Costume!

By starro on November 08, 2011

Wonder Woman, along with Batman and Superman occupies a key position as one of DC's most recognizable superheroes-and is probably one of the most widely known superheroes period. Because of her status as a DC icon, a consistent appearance has always been an important part of the comic book (or any) marketing strategy. However, it can be a challenge to keep characters created in the 1930s and 1940s new, fresh and interesting (and thus regularly marketable)-costumes, stories, and looks change. Everyone recognizes the classic look of Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince-princess of the Amazons) from the TV show starring Lynda Carter. In the comics Wonder Woman has undergone several significant costume changes over the years-from subtle shifts of boots and "WW" on her top to the dramatic all white 1960s look to the jacket and leotard look in the 1990s by Messner-Loeb and Deodato (which really OUGHT to be collected!). The latest in Wonder Woman's look comes from a major reboot by Babylon 5 scribe and highly-regarded comic book writer J. Michael Straczynski (aka JMS) from about a year ago. JMS "rebooted" Wonder Woman with issue 600 and essentially re-started the character, featuring Diana lost without her memories, the Amazons scattered with an uncertain future and a new unknown menace. Comic book artist and DC big wig Jim Lee (X-Men, Wildcats, etc.) redesigned the Wonder Woman costume, returning her to the 90s look with jacket and suddenly with proper PANTS! This design has carried over to the new look as part of the "new 52" DC reboot!
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