Jim Fletcher

Ame Comi Heroine series Wonder Woman version 3!

By starro on September 25, 2011

Wonder Woman, in addition to Batman and Superman, is one of DC Comics' "big three". She is one of their most recognizable heroes and probably one of THE most recognizable superheroes in the western world. Wonder Woman was first published in All Star Comics # 8, in 1941, by famed psychologist William Moulton Marston. Over the years, Wonder Woman has had innumerable costume changes, continuity ret-cons, story mandated costume variation (e.g., armor vs normal outfit), media versions (TV, cartoons, etc) and parallel origin stories to go along with new generations of readers. The Ame-Comi figure line reimagines DC characters in an anime context and given that Wonder Woman is one of DC's most versatile and well-known characters. It comes as no surprise that she should be the most re-imagined of the Ame-Comi pantheon. This version is the 3rd and takes a more futuristic take on the character.
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