1st Monster Attack Teaser Trailer from "Pacific Rim!"

By Animaven on December 02, 2012

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If history has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t trust a Hollywood, big budget version of a niche fandom. This is especially true of kaiju movies (I’m looking at you, 1998 “Godzilla”). But when a niche film is made by a big budget Hollywood director who just happens to be a fan of things like giant monsters and mechas… well, my bitter, often disappointed heart skips a little beat. 


Enter Guillermo del Toro. We all know that Pacific Rim is on the way to theaters (and oh my God, the wait is so loooooong), but at least we can get our first pseudo glimpse at what we can expect. It’s a viral teaser trailer, and while there’s no actual monster footage, there is monster attack footage. And that’s almost the same thing, right? Right, guys?

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