Check Out the First Trailer for the Samurai Remake of "Unforgiven!"

By Animaven on December 11, 2012


Samurai are cool. Westerns? Cool. Clint Eastwood? Cool. Ken Watanabe? Seriously cool. Put all those things in a martini shaker and serve, yanno, not stirred? COOL.

That’s basically how the Japanese remake of “Unforgiven” is shaping up. For those of you not familiar, it’s the remake of the Clint Eastwood western, but with samurai. Kind of like how “Fistful of Dollars” is “Yojimbo.”

Need more info? Check out the trailer and be happy that we live in a world where Ken Watanabe doesn’t need to kick ass in a trailer for us to know he kicks ass in a movie. 

See video

SentaiSeiya - December 11, 2012 8:18pm


You had me at samurai

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