Good Smile Wants You To Know How They Paint

By Animaven on November 10, 2012


Ever wonder how the lovely little things we drop so much dough on are made? Lucky for us, Mikatan, who runs Good Smile’s blog, thinks we would enjoy getting a peek behind the scenes at the making of a Nendoroid. 

good smile company

It’s a neat little blog series, especially if you obsess over the fat little chibi the way I (and a lot of others) do. They’re working on painting the faces right now, and it’s kind of an eye-opener (see what I did there?). 

good smile company

They really get into the technicalities - the artistry of it , the mass-production complications - so read it while you can. 

SentaiSeiya - November 10, 2012 8:31pm


That is a cool blog. It gave me better appreciation for the hard work that goes into toy making.

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