My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 36.

By VIR on November 02, 2012

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Another week, another supremely colorful and loopy Precure episode to review; however, this week the show went for heartbreaking instead of loopy, something that is always welcomed to butt-up against the all-encompassing happiness.

This episode – entitled Hotblooded!? Akane’s First Love!! – starts out with Akane practicing for volleyball. She trips and falls, and a mysterious blonde-haired blue-eyed man lends a hand to help her up.


Akane replies yes, and the stranger walks away leaving Akane somewhat… flustered; she seems to be quite entranced by the stranger. This is proven the next day as we see her staring at her hand by which the stranger helped her up.


Is this screaming plot-devised fate to anyone else, ‘cause it should.

Lo and behold, Brain Taylor – the stranger – is an exchange student from the United Kingdom and will be visiting Japan for three weeks. The teacher asks Akane to show Brain around the school to help him get started. This works oh! so swimmingly as Akane’s English is limited and Brain’s Japanese is not terribly great. Their friendship really takes off when Brain shows that he knows volleyball.


Aww, ain’t that precious?

Over the next few days, Akane cannot stop talking about Brain, telling her friends about how well he is doing in school. Yayoi brings up the thought that, and just maybe, Akane might like Brain.


To make a long story short and not have to summarize a very hilarious and touching scene, it’s true: Akane does “feel her heart beat when [she’s] with Brian.” Since Akane’s friends only want the best for her, they all come up with plans for her to confess to Brian.

Needless to say, all these plans fail or never come to fruition. Akane, drained from the day’s activities, walks home only to meet Brian! They talk, and over the next few days the two of them spend natural time together, hanging out with the whole gang and learning more and more about the Japanese culture.


At this point Brian and Akane are getting along very well and are becoming great friends. But then Brian drops the bomb: his three weeks are up, and he’s moving back tomorrow!


Well, like any well-minded girl she runs away from her problems and lies to herself to make everything better. Her friends find her after Brian’s send-off from school and try to get her to go and say goodbye. Wolfrun, having learned to hate love from a soap opera, shows up and ruins all the fun.

Oh, wolfie


From Wolfrun’s taunts and hate-filled speech, Akane learns that no matter where Brian is, the memories they share will always be with her, and that’s what matters. After the fight, she runs frantically to say goodbye to Brian. This is where stuff gets real!


Upon reaching the airport, Akane sees the plane leaving.
She missed Brian, and she’ll never see him again.

But hold on! Brian is still there! He waited on Akane, believing that she would be there!
Brian and Akane talk about their time together and leave each other on the knowledge that their friendship will always be real and their memories true.

dah end

This episode had the potential to be great and some of it was. How this show has been told up to this point and how placidly the characters have been developed, I, personally, did not feel the emotional impact of the episode as I do not have that great of a connection to the characters or the plot. This episode should have been absolutely tear-jerking, but that feeling didn’t make it across to me solely due to the fact that up to that point I have not been truly invested. This is unfortunate because episodes like this – the heartbreaking ones – are the best ones; I wanted this episode to KILL ME, but alas, it didn’t.

Also, Wolfrun did not have a good reason to be there. He was just kinda watching a soap opera and then decides he hates love.
That’s grade A motivation to attack the Precure right there.

And Lord have mercy, for a Brit Brian speaks horrendous English, but that’s just being nit-picky (or is it).

Overall, this episode has some problems of its own and really shows off the problems present in the entirety of the show. It tries to do something great and I like that a lot, but the end package was a little weak.

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