My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 37

By VIR on November 07, 2012

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You know what time it is; it’s time for more Precure! And how appropriate, it’s an election themed episode; I sure hope this ends well.

The episode – entitled Reika’s Worries! A Pure Heart and a Clean Vote – starts off with Reika carrying out her Student Council duties, such as cleaning the school grounds, watering the flowers, and greeting the students upon their arrival.


The gang begin to contemplate that Reika would be the best for the job.
Oh, but what job is that?
Why, being the next Student Council President, of course! Ah, but Reika doesn’t want the job!
Yeah, way to go!
… wait.
Reika DOESN’T want to be president? BUT WHY?

She goes on to explain that she does not think she is fit to be the student council president; fearing that she will not lead the students down the correct path; she only wants what is best for the student body, but she fears she won’t do it well.


Can you feel the symbolism?

We switch scenes to the Bad End Kingdom, thus giving the bad guys a reason to show up in the episode. The trio are watching a television show about Student Council Presidents – imagine that – and they all decide they want to be student council presidents for various reasons... various dumb reasons.


And they’re off to the Precure’s school to try and become the student council president! But monsters aren’t allowed in school. With a sprinkle of deus-ex, Majorina produces the “Become Human Badge” and they all become human.
Makes sense, right?


The three start parading about, making bold and elementary campaign promises, such as no homework, candy in class, and the ability to bring games and manga to class. This riles Reika’s ire, as these promises are ludicrous and unhealthy for the student body as a whole. In order to combat these hooligans, Reika confronts them and promises to run against them as president.


To make a long and somewhat boring story short, the next day's campaigning doesn't go very well; the students are blinded by the ludicrous stands of the Ban Enders and don’t want anything to do with Reika’s responsibility and learning, you know, just like real kids in middle school.

Things don’t get any better at the official school debate either. The Bad Enders get all the praise and Reika is left out in the cold. At this point, the Bad Enders have won.

Getting rowdy, Aka Oni and Majorina bump together in their celebration and remove their Become Human Badges, thus returning to normal. The gig’s up. While they escape, Wolfrun stays behind to gather bad energy and defeat the Precure. The Precure henshin and the fight begins.


From Wolfrun’s taunts about Reika being a stuffy jerk, the others realize that Reika really is the best one for President. She puts the school first and knows that while learning, studying, and cleaning may be boring, they are the most important things for a school and its students. From this, Reika understands how to reach the students!

After defeating the Akanbe, the Reika and Wolfrun continue in their debate. Reika, however, learning the importance of friendship, reaches out the student body, telling them that responsibility helps not only the school but helps you with making friends and making the best of your years in school.

Applause fills the room.
Ballots fill the ballot box.
And, to everyone’s surprise – except the viewers – Reika becomes the next Student Council President!

dah end

Lordy, this was a tough episode to review. The episode just didn’t stir within me any great feelings one way or the other; it was just kinda… there. It was good to see an episode devoted to Reika and I was pleased to see her character more deeply delved into, but it was just so dry and uneventful for the story at hand. There was a good bit of things going on in this episode, but none of it really carried a sizeable amount of weight with it. As is a growing trend with Smile, it was just inconsequential; I have a feeling that her new appointment won’t be brought up again.

Overall, it feels like this episode was hurriedly made with very little impact to itself and the overarching plot. This also applies to the villains here, too; their motivation was shoe-horned and extremely plot-derivative. Did I still have fun with the episode? There weren’t any robots, but yeah, I had fun. But was there really any meat to it? Nah, not so much.

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