My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 38.

By VIR on November 17, 2012

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More Precure? You better believe it.

This week’s episode – entitled Hustle, Nao! The Precure Became Kids!? – begins with Nao’s family playing tag. Nao is invited to play but does not due to the fact that she is no longer a child. Going to the park, Nao meets her friends… only to be rained on by a mysterious substance.


Welcome to today’s plot element. The substance that rained down on the five girls is Majorina’s “Become-a-kid,” and it was lost after Wolfrun and Aka Oni used it and threw it away.

The gang, realizing that this must be the work of Majorina (she having been the main culprit in all of their status-ailments thus far), begin to construct a plan of action to return to normal… but not before acting upon the fact that they are kindergarteners again and having a blast!

having a blast

Overwhelming cuteness and squee-inducing scenes follow as the Precure parade about collecting acorns, playing about, and helping each other out. Wolfrun and Aka Oni show up bickering about who was following whom, and the Precure intervene to stop the fighting. BUT YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE BAD ENDERS! They challenge the Precure to a game of TAG!


Majorina finds out where the Precure are and shows up to defeat them; what better way to ensure one’s victory that to fight BABIES. The Heavy would be so proud…

An Acorn Hyper-Akanbe is unleashed upon the Precure, and the Precure know that they have to fight back. But how?! They’re kids! Nao suggests henshining anyway, and what follows in the most mind-wrenchingly adorable transformation sequence.


I think I died a little while watching this.

Let’s fight! Of course, to the Precure’s fault, they still do not have the power capable to defeat the Akanbe! They cannot hurt the Akanbe and their special attacks are powerless! Even a rousing game of tag cannot defeat the Akanbe.


Wolfrun and Aka Oni – being the little brats they are – finally get Majorina to turn them back to normal by giving them the “Turn Me Back.” This back fires as the potion is splashed on the Precure instead. A HOO! and a HA! later the Akanbe is destroyed and everything is back to normal.

The episode ends on Nao having returned home to her family still playing tag. Learning that even if one is grown up one can still have childish fun, Nao joins the fun and plays tag with her family.




This episode was mind-meltingly adorable. I can’t express how much of a contorted mess of convulsing limbs I was during it. This episode certainly centered about the fact that the Precure were little kids again, and it definitely pushed that aspect to the viewers. Everything was retooled for this episode: the henshin sequence was different, and the special attacks were redone to fit the Precure’s smaller size.


It was also impossible to win this week’s game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Yayoi. She threw a new sign called the RockPaperScissors, a sort of win all.


Wait, now that looks familiar…


Never mind.
All in all, the cuteness factor of this episode was well applied and in overload, and liked it a lot.

However, though this episode was adorable, it does not belay the fact that it still suffers from a few problems. Firstly, the problem that this episode – not much unlike the show as of recently – was very formulaic. It starts out as most every other episode with the Bad Enders either watching TV or Majorina losing something. In this case, it was the latter.


Now I know that elements will be used over a show’s run, but Smile is starting to feel less well done in that regard. It’s starting to feel like the show has turned into a jelly mold and plot elements are just getting poured in; everything just takes the same shape most every time, even if the colors are different.

I was so very excited to see that this episode was about Nao. She’s had the least amount of devoted episodes, and I was ready to see her grow more as a person!


But, alas, this episode did not encapsulate upon that aspect. It started out being all about Nao… but then crazy baby adventures started and Nao’s prominent screen time was seconded to that. We got literally about five minutes of good, Nao developing writing in this episode. Then, at the end, we see how she’s grown and the lesson she has learned: acting young is a good thing.
That’s it?!
It just feels that Nao was tacked onto this episode because someone needed to learn a lesson; she was picked because she has the most siblings.

Overall, this was an adorable episode, yes, but one that was executed very ungracefully. I have a feeling that this is going to become a theme for next few episodes until the end game; we’ll see.

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