My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 39

By VIR on November 25, 2012

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This week’s episode of Yes! Precure 5… I mean, Smile Precure! – entitled What’s Going On!? Miyuki’s Messed Up Cinderella!! – starts off with Miyuki wandering the library in search of a new book to read. Upon entering the library, she spots a book lying in the ground.


Enamored by the book’s realistic pictures, Miyuki is sucked into the book. The book turns out to be Cinderella and Miyuki takes the place of Cinderella to act out the book.

The book – as explained by Pop – is Märchenland’s origin of Cinderella, and it is tied to every Cinderella in the world; it is also the source of all their happiness. If this book is in the wrong hands, then it would spell disaster for the world.


Lo and behold! The Bad Enders show up to steal the book and, along with the rest of the gang, get sucked into the book as well. From this point out, each member is casted as a character from Cinderella and either help progress the story to save Cinderella or try and take it to a bad end.

bad enders

Fighting through trials and tribulations, Miyuki, with the help of her friends, finally gets to the castle. The progression of the story is going well and correctly! The Bad Enders are there and try to, once and for all, mess up the story by introducing an Akanbe to the mix! Miyuki, the only one with a Smile Pact at the moment, henshins and defeats the Akanbe with unrivaled passion!


The story ends correctly – with a few minor changes – and the world of Cinderella is saved! A Bad End has been averted and all happiness has been rescued!

das end



This episode was… interesting. While it was very cool to see the theme of books so highly encompassed in this episode, the overall impact was somewhat less than what I had hoped for. It was also very odd to see this plot done again; it was first done in episode 38 of Yes! Precure 5.

It’s always nice when a show’s theme gets right in your face; it’s what separates a show in a series from its predecessors and when it’s noticeable, it really sets the show’s mood. This is certainly what happened in this episode; it was all books, books, books!


However, the plot of this episode – that if the Cinderella Origin is changed then all of the Cinderellas across the world will have a bad end and all happiness will be lost – comes completely out of left field. Why is this important? How does this even work? Just because Cinderella has a bad end, all hope it lost? I’m just confused as to why this holds any real impact on the world and the Precure in general. It was explained, yes, but in a hurried and matter-of-factly sort of way.


Going off of that, we also get to see almost an entire plot reused from an earlier Precure series, Yes! Precure 5. In Yes! we get to see the main characters written into Cinderella by a partner Fairy and then the team – by the actions of the Nightmares – get sucked into the story and have to act out parts and save the world from destruction. While these two plots are decisively different, it’s unsettling to see it again. Yeah, it makes more sense for such a plot to be here instead of Yes!, but why Cinderella again when you could have chosen so many different books (like Peter Pan, Miyuki’s favorite)? It feels – and looks – way to similar for me to not be a bit miffed.


which witch is which

Overall, it just felt lazy to do this plot again; I ended up sitting back and thinking “really?” Nothing else could have been done here?

On a lighter note, it was awesome to see Wolfrun use his signature fairy-tale attack: I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!


We also get to see a one-on-one fight between Mituki and an Akanbe. This was a nice change of pace from the rest of the show (even if it felt a little weak in why it happened). The fight was explosive and fun.


This episode was cute and very welcomed in its theming, but was overshadowed by the fact that it was done before and didn’t explain well its purpose and relevant details. At that point, it felt a little lost in what it was trying to tell, but was still an adventure to watch…

… also, Akane and Nao as mice is the cutest thing ever. Just sayin’.


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