My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 40

By VIR on December 01, 2012

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This week’s episode of Smile Precure! – entitled All Fired Up! Akane’s Treasure Hunting Life!! – starts off with Akane playing volleyball, her favorite sport as well as her school sport; she’s having a wonderful time practicing.


We then see Akane’s friends all grouped together in class. Could they be hiding something? Akane certainly thinks so. But before too much delving can take place, their homeroom teacher gives a new assignment: to find out what your Treasure is and make something for the art contest. The class finds this quite entrancing.


Akane then vows to find out what her Treasure is for the art contest!

We shift gears to the Bad End Kingdom. Wolfrun is called by Joker, and he is quite miffed by the fact; however, that agitation quickly turns to fear as Joker reveals that Master Pierrot is angry with Wolfrun for not being able to defeat any of the Precure. Joker then gives him an ultimatum: defeat one Precure, or die (basically).

super creep

Wolfrun – sweating bullets at this point – chooses Akane; he already has some unfinished business with her.

Back with the gang, we see everyone trying to help Akane figure out what her Treasure is.
Nothing really feels right for Akane’s Treasure until… her friends present her with a good luck charm, one that was handmade for Akane in her likeness!


Miyuki wanted to make her a charm for her upcoming volleyball match, and the gang all helped out for this project. Akane is overwhelmed with joy and happiness; she knows that this is her Treasure!

The next day arrives, and Akane goes to her volleyball game. But, lo! Wolfrun is there waiting for her, saying that he will “destroy[ing] everything important to you!” The most ferocious fight imaginable breaks out between the two!


After a particularly powerful punch, Akane’s charm flies away from her. Wanting to destroy everything that Akane loves, Wolfrun breaks the charm. This destroys Akane on the inside; for Wolfrun to do something this horrible…


Wolfrun – having defeated Akane – says that he now going to destroy Miyuki. This being too much to take, Akane digs deep and fights Wolfrun again to save her friends. With a deep-seeded belief and being guided by love, she awakens power from the Smile Pact and uses it to almost defeat Wolfrun.

hot blooded power

The rest of the troupe show up and help Akane trounce Wolfrun in one final blast. Wolfrun slinks off having lost, fearing his impending doom…

The episode ends with Akane realizing that her most true and important Treasure is not her charm, but her precious friends.



WORD. This episode was outstanding, truly outstanding. Not since episode 21 has this show done so much so well and so brilliantly!

Firstly, I’d like to point out that this episode was really well animated. The characters felt much more alive and moved very smoothly. Life like movements were given to the characters and everything just felt cherry.


The emotional impact of this episode was through the roof. Not since Komachi’s relational stint in episode 43 of Yes! 5 have I been this emotionally taxed. This episode was really able to pit good against evil and make the struggles of Akane pronounced and her defeat and pain tangible. We got to see so many facets of Akane’s life – which garnered connection through build up – and then they were dashed away right in front of both us and her; this was heart-wrenching. I nearly cried during this episode, and I was certainly perturbed. I legitimately cared about what was going on, and the impact was felt.


This being the End Game portion of the show, the show has started picking up in intensity and pulse-racing-ness (for lack of a better phrase). My heart was pumping with excitement and adrenaline throughout the proceedings: the fight was epic; the emotions were high; and the music was beautifully timed.

Speaking of which, the fight in this episode was earth-shattering. Ferocity and hot-blooded action were everywhere to be found. Punches, explosions, rage, THE WORKS! We really get to see Akane and Wolfrun lose it in this battle; each one goes all out. The intensity of the battle was seen not only in the punches and fire, but it was also evident in the faces of Akane and Wolfrun:


wolfrun too

This set the theme of the whole fight. It rocketed home the emotions and the struggles of both of the characters and made me sit on edge the entire time; you could really tell that this was an epic and ultimate fight.

There were also a few cool things that came up in this episode. Namely, BRIAN. Akane receives a letter from Brian saying that he appreciates everything Akane and her friends did for him in Japan, and that he is glad to have met Akane. This was adorable, and I am very glad to see this brought back up, that this wasn’t something that was just tossed away after the past episode was over.


Also, something that’s REALLY spooky happened in this episode. Joker – being creepy to begin with – says that if Wolfrun fails to defeat at least one Precure, he will be sent back to the past.

das past?

The past, eh? What could he possibly mean? This clearly disturbs Wolfrun, as he is taken aback with utter fear. What power does Joker have? What happened in the past? I surely hope we get to find out, as this was pretty freaky… and interesting. Seeing Wolfrun slink off after the battle to face his doom also makes me scared for his fate; I mean, you can just feel his reluctant acceptance of his destiny.


The only bad thing about this episode was that Joker just kind of came back after randomly disappearing. Normally I would have wondered what devious plan he’s busy concocting in secrecy… but this time I just wondered why he wasn’t written in. It was great to see him come back, but a better reason than none would have been nice.

At the end of the day, episode 40 was outstanding in every facet. We were presented with high emotional impact, great animation, and an awesome fight; I cared about the characters and what was going on, and everything was epic to the very last. The writing was smooth and flowed very well; it finally felt like there was some heart again to the episode! This episode one again proves the ability of Smile and shows that it can be an epic, wonderful, and heart pounding adventure.


Stay tuned for more excitement!

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