My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 41

By VIR on December 12, 2012

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This week’s episode of Smile Precure! – entitled I’m a Manga Artist!? Yayoi Draws Her Future Dream!! – starts off with Yayoi reminiscing about her childhood and that she loved to draw ever since she was little; however, she was – and is – a bit embarrassed when other people see her drawings.


We change gears to the present, and Yayoi is drawing in class. The gang wants to see her drawing and – of course – Yayoi freaks out in embarrassment. Reluctantly, she agrees and shows them; her friends are all blown away! Reika complements Yayoi that she draws as well as a professional Mangaka.
Thus, our story begins.

It’s revealed that there is a manga contest happening, and that there is a Rookie Award. Inspired by everyone’s kind words, Yayoi agrees to enter the contest!


For the contest, Yayoi decides to draw her personal heroin, Miracle Peace! The next day, she shows off the title page to her friends, the only part that’s finished; it’s slow-going, drawing manga, but Yayoi perseveres and continues on.


We then change over to the Bad End Kingdom. Joker tells Aka Oni that Master Pierrot is angry with him, too, and that he must defeat Cure Peace – the Crybaby -- to stay alive; this is Aka Oni’s last chance.


Yayoi continues to work on her manga night after night. When she is suddenly assaulted by a terrible nightmare that suggests – via her own manga characters – that she will never finish her manga and that she should give up, Yayoi wakes with a start and spills ink over her manga. This upsets her greatly, and she runs off to throw away her manga, knowing that she can’t do it and certainly cannot become a Mangaka.

cry some more

Aka Oni finds Yayoi in her desperation; he steals her manga and uses it to become a Hyper Akanbe!
The fight begins! Yayoi fights for her dream and Aka Oni fights for his life!
Aka Oni begins to wear down Cure Peace’s resolve by taunting her, making her believe that her dream is faulty and useless, that she is a crybaby, that Miracle Peace is a wasteful illusion; however, with the power of hope and her dreams, Yayoi is able to awaken power from the Smile Pact and defeat the Hyper Akanbe in a explosive and shocking (see what I did there :3) finale!


The episode ends with Aka Oni slinking off to his fate and Yayoi deciding to finish off her manga no matter what (which she does in fact do). She now knows that her dreams and her drawings are the most important thing to her, yet even that is second to her friends.

das end

For ANOTHER darn Yayoi episode, this one was quite great (as seems the theme for these last few episodes). A lot of great things happened in this episode, and I was glad to see it.

Firstly, we have great emotional impact. Perhaps not tear-jerking, but I was certainly surprised and overwhelmed at some parts. With the introduction early in the episode of Yayoi’s plan for entering the manga contest, we really got to root for her success. And then to see her fail and her dream almost get destroyed by Aka Oni was pleasantly potent. Yayoi – already being the most emotional of the group already – didn’t really hit home with my heart strings as I was already somewhat immune. Aka Oni’s words tore deep and were filled with hate, another positive.

cry babies

Speaking of Aka Oni, he was certainly nefarious this time around. There was so much hate in his speech and actions; it was so very good to see, especially since he is the doofus of the Bad Enders. To see him get serious was good fun. Also, just like Wolfrun in the previous episode, we got to see his ferocity in his face.


Before we go away from this, I also want to point out that this is the only time I remember a TOTALLY FREAKING SCARY AKANBE! Seriously, mates, this was the stuff of nightmares!


The fight was also great in this episode. While not as hard-punching and deadly as in episode 40, it was a bare-knuckle, drag out brawl the whole time. Explosions, lighting, punches, punches, and MORE PUNCHES were all there. A good, entertaining fight that drove home the meaning of the episode.

Some interesting things about this episode.
Firstly, Joker. He says the exact same lines as the previous episode to Aka Oni, and I mean verbatim. This time, however, he said it with little to no emotion, almost like he was tired of saying it again; it sounded, for instance, like it was planned, almost mechanical. I was thinking: could he be lying? Could he be saying that Master Pierrot is angry to make the Bad Enders fight? Is there something Joker is planning?
It’s really interesting where this could go!


Also, what is going to be Aka Oni’s fate? He seems pretty sure that Joker can kill him (or worse). What power does Joker posses? And what exactly is Aka Oni, rather, the whole team? Could Joker have made them from story books?
Too much!


The ending was left wide open. Odd choice, seeing as how this is the end game portion of the show, but it will be interesting to see if this continues into another episode. Like, maybe these things – Yayoi’s manga, Akane’s charm -- will be important mementos later.

Also, there is a hell of a lot of yellow in this episode.



Episode 41 keeps up the momentum of the final arcs of Smile!, showing once again the ability of this show to make an awesome presentation with epic  appeal. While this one paled somewhat in comparison to last week’s, it was still a great episode with charm, emotion, and great fights. Stay tuned for more Smile as the show comes to an epic close!


Oh, and I'll leave this devil-spawn riiiight here...


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