My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 44

By VIR on January 12, 2013

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This week’s episode of Smile Precure! – entitled The Secret Behind the Smile! Miyuki’s True Ultra Happy!! – starts off with Miyuki running to meet her friends for shopping. She trips along the way and a little girl and her mother help her get situated. Upon getting up, Miyuki notices a mirror upon the little girl’s chest. “Why is this so familiar,” Miyuki wonders.


We switch over momentarily to Wolfrun. It’s raining in the Bad End Kingdom, and he’s stuck out in it. Not being able to go back to their fortress, he swears to find and defeat Cure Happy, the one person that started his ever hastening slide into destruction.

aye bawls

We return to the city to have Miyuki regale her friends of her past, a story of her very first friend and the mirror that taught her the importance of smiles and their impact on her and her environment. Miyuki tells her friends that she was very shy when she was young and that she would always read picture books instead of making friends.


One day, her grandmother gave her a mirror in the hopes that she would open up, telling her that good fortunes come to those who smile. Miyuki doesn’t understand, but when a mysterious little girl shows up Miyuki begins venture out and play with the girl, soon making her more open to others; Miyuki makes friends, but the little girl – who never had a name – disappears just as Miyuki is growing as a person. Just who was she?


We return to the story at hand to see Wolfrun ready for the attack! The gang is separated when they see the little girl from before crying; she was separated from her mother, so they all spread out to find her. Miyuki stays behind to comfort the girl and is attacked by Wolfrun! Wolfrun wants to destroy Cure Happy and all she lives for, but Miyuki is not easily trounced. At no point during the fight is she ever downhearted.

face it

Wolfrun and Cure Happy exchange punches and kicks, but Wolfrun is ultimately defeated when Cure Happy declares her determination, goals, and dreams and she and the rest of the Cures – the root of her determination and power – all come together and blast away the Hyper Akanbe.

The episode ends with Miyuki learning that her Ultra Happy has been the kindness in everyone’s hearts, the kindness that Miyuki wants to share with all peoples to make the future its brightest.

d end

This was a very interesting episode as it fell away from the previous proceedings and acted more as a culmination point to the previous four episodes. There’s a lot to talk about here – mostly interesting things, but nonetheless – so let’s get cracking:

This episode was adorable. I loved seeing young Miyuki, and her backstory – her being shy and having a hard time getting to know others – was heartbreaking then heartwarming; it certainly struck home, too, as I – prolly you, too – suffered from such problems when I was young. It was such a real problem given to this character, so I really felt connected with this story; I was a literal contorting mass of squees and coos during some of this!

Contorting Mass of Emotion

The tears were strongly felt in this episode, and Miyuki’s interactions with the Mysterious Girl were done well. The whole story was told in such a somber yet thankful tone that you just felt good watching it, knowing how well Miyuki has grown; this episode was just “genuine,” for lack of a better word.

Speaking of the Mysterious Girl, just who was she? It was suggested in the episode that she might have been the “fairy from inside the mirror.” Was she a resident of Märchenland who came to help Miyuki, the foretold Precure? Did she leave because her mission was over? Could she actually have been a Tyler Durden of sorts? Could she have been the Royal Queen, the one person we have not yet seen?! Either way, I’d love for her to come back in some capacity, ‘cause one-episode hallucinations do not a good story device make.

Who is Tyler Durden?

So, Wolfrun totally came back after being defeated. Though it felt a little contrived, seeing as how there were only four main villains to begin with, Wolfrun coming back didn’t really unnerve me that much, especially when you take into consideration that he was the very first villain for us to see in the show. It made since that he would also be the last in this arc of stories.


Also, Wolfrun’s final Hyper Akanbe was totally a brick house.
How… appropriate.


A few other things for consideration:
There is one more Dark Energy and one more Décor for each side to gather. We know what happened last time for each side – Pierrot was revived and the Royal Clock was summoned – but what could possibly happen this time? Will Pierrot come back? What of that floating, glowing, spiky asteroid? Will the Royal Queen finally be resurrected? Will a new power be released? This is it, folks; this very next episode will be when everything starts!


one moar

Also, the Royal Clock has turned a full cycle, 12 to 12, and it seemed to have turned every time the Precure went into Princess Mode. What does this mean? Can they become Princesses anymore? Or was this a timer of sorts for… what, exactly? What exactly happens when all numbers on the face of the Royal Clock have been activated?


In this episode, we really, really got an awesome feel for the friendship that has blossomed and grown in-between the Smile Precure. This episode felt like the ultimate culmination of the series, especially the last four episodes. Yes, they’ve still got to stop the ultimate villain, and yes, they’ve got to revive the Queen… but this friendship was, I feel, the point of their journey, and at no other time was this made more prevalent. These girls love each other and will do anything to keep said friendship alive and well; they are the most important things to each other.


To exemplify this, there is a scene where Miyuki stops and simply says her friend’s names, one by one, in a row to them. When Yayoi asks what Miyuki is doing, she simply replies, “I just wanted to say your names” and blushes. This melted my heart to see; this was an exemplary show of Miyuki’s affection towards her friends. This, to me, showed just how close they have all gotten, and it was precious.


The niceties have ended, folks. This episode was a great exploration of Miyuki and her friendship, but now the end game has officially started. Get ready for everything to start, and for everything to simply get crazy, to simply fall apart. This is where things get serious.

Stay tuned, as it promises to be one hell of a journey from here on out.

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