My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 45

By VIR on January 17, 2013

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This week’s episode of Smile Precure! – entitled The Beginning of the End! Precure VS The Three Subordninates!! – immediately takes off with a giant, spiky asteroid hurtling towards earth. What could it be? To make things worse, the Royal Clock opens up and turns Candy into a Gem with wings! What is going on?!


We change over to the Bad End Kingdom. Wolfrun, Aka Oni, Majorina, and Joker are gathered. Joker explains that he has found the mythical Miracle Jewel, and that Candy has been it the whole time. The three subordinates ask for one more chance to finally defeat the Precure. Joker grants them said chance, but only because they will die soon enough; the black noses have been sucking their life away, and this last nose will kill them.

dem guys

Pop arrives to the Precure and explains the situation: the asteroid heading towards earth is Master Pierrot’s egg! Before anything else can happen, the Bad Enders show up and start the party! They’re going to end this, and nothing is going stand in their way. Pop laments to the Precure that this will be “the final battle.”

dem guys more

The Precure henshin.
The Bad Enders henshin into super-powered versions of themselves, overflowing with extreme power, intent on destroying everything. A raucous fight breaks out, a tussle like no other. With nothing to lose, the Bad Enders fight harder and more violently than ever! The Precure are no match; even their special attacks are being deflected and trounced! Even the power of the Pegasus is not enough to crush the Bad Enders!


Having won, the Bad Enders explain their back-story to the curious Precure. They were hated in their books, hated for playing their roles as the bad guys, hated for being themselves. They continue to explain that that was when Joker appeared and offered them power to destroy the world, to end the pain and hatred that is pushed on them, to take the world to a bad end; their pain and sadness is their fuel for the destruction of earth.

dah past

The Precure are saddened by the revelation. They sympathize with the Bad Enders and want to help them. The Bad Enders spurn their help, saying that they do not understand this pain! Miyuki, still wanting to help, summons the power of the Smile Tact and talks with the Bad Enders, saying that she wants to help bear their sadness, saying that she likes their characters and wants to be their friends. This warms the hearts of the three, and they relinquish their hate and revert back to their original states: Märchenland fairies!


Everything seems fine and dandy, but suddenly Joker appears and steals the final Décor! He has been gathering Bad Energy from all over the world. The Bad Clock reaches 18 – the final number – and Pierrot is starting to revive. Using the final Décor, Joker fuses it with the hate that left the Bad Enders and makes Bad End Precure! The episode ends with the beginning of the fight.

oh noes

A lot happened in this episode.

Really, too much happened in this episode; it felt like two episodes crammed into one. It was so unfortunate, because SO MUCH important stuff happened in this episode, like the explanation of the Bad Enders’ past. These scenes were great, filled with emotion and connection, but they happened in such rapid succession that there was no time to digest what was going on! The scenes were presented with no time for reaction, no time for thinking, and no time for anything to truly sink in (in fact, most of the scenes were the Bad Enders giving exposition out the butt). I was just overwhelmed with input from this episode’s proceedings. I learned a lot, but the impact was lost.


This episode also – to me, at least – felt like it unfurled the past five episodes. We were told for the last five shows that this was the VERY last chance the Bad Enders have to live, and they acted accordingly: fighting with no care for themselves, just their goal. This was powerful. To have them back in the good graces of Joker and given another final chance felt contrived and forced; it kind of undid what was expressed in the last five. This wasn’t all bad, though, because we did get to learn about who the Bad Enders were and what their fates would have been (which was interesting).


This episode really made a good show of the fact that the Smile Precure are heroes to all people, fictional or not. Their want to bear the Bad Enders’ pain and suffering was a selfless act, and Miyuki loving their characters’ no matter if they were the bad guys was sweet. This just reaffirmed what the Smile Precure are about.

gimme hugz

So, Candy is the Miracle Jewel.
I got nothing.


We are introduced to the Bad End Precure in this episode. This is getting pretty devilish, if I say so myself; it will be interesting to see Legendary Warriors fueled by the direct opposite conviction than our heroes. There’s one thing, though: we’ve seen this before. In the Yes! Precure 5 movie, we are also met with Nega-Precure who are oppositely oriented. This worked very well then and I assume it will work well here. It’s just a little odd to see this again. I have no fear that this won’t be awesome, though, as this is just one more way that Smile has been somewhat derivative of Yes! 5 (which was so very good).



It’s uncanny, no?

I want to end on one more topic, one that’s possibly digging too deep and was totally unintended by the authors, but we can deal with it: is Märchenland the great, loveable place that it is portrayed to be? We hear from the Bad Enders that they were hated, that every day was filled with pain and sadness, that they were alienated and scorned; they learned to hate happy endings and the people that benefited from them.
Märchenland is a kingdom that houses all Fairytale characters.
The Bad Enders are Märchenland fairies.
Were they – possibly along with other villains – oppressed and persecuted in Märchenland just for being the bad guys of timeless classics? Is that why there is a Bad End Kingdom? Is there some bigoted hierarchy of segregation going on in the world of fairy tales?! I’m sure we’ll learn more in the following weeks, but this is pretty heavy.


Of course, we could just have a case of Wreck-It Ralph syndrome were the Bad Enders just stopped liking being the bad guys, but whatever…

Alright, friends, we’re closing in on the end, and things awesome things are exploding into life!
Stay tuned for more!

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