My Thoughts: Smile Precure! Ep 46

By VIR on January 22, 2013

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This week’s episode of Smile Precure! – entitled The Worst Ending!? Bad End Precure!! – starts exactly where the last one ended: with the introduction of the Bad End Precure! Joker explains that these Precure are fake and “quite different” from our Precure. Each Precure and their doppelgänger are blasted into their own dimension so that they can duke it out to the end.

dun dun dun

Each Precure is now fighting one-on-one with their alter-egos, each one portraying oppositely aligned goals as their good-counterpart: Evil Happy enjoying pain in others; Evil Peace being a brat; Evil Sunny wanting to burn everything down; Evil March believing that true sportsmanship is winning with no remorse; and Evil Beauty thinking that ugly things have no purpose in life.
The Precure are easily trounced.


We change back to the real world, and Joker is chasing after Pop to obtain the Miracle Jewel. Joker explains – having cornered Pop – that he wants the Miracle Jewel so that he can have his wish granted; however, Joker also explains that he has no wish, that he only wants the gem so that he can destroy it, destroying the last harbinger of hope for the entire world thus plunging the world into the deepest depths of loss.

joker gonna joke

Joker begins to attack Pop, but suddenly the Royal Clock opens and the Royal Queen appears! To Joker’s discerning eye, however, notices that this was the Queen’s last amount of power, that she is not long for this world. The Queen used her power, she reveals, to protect her daughter, Candy, who will be born from the Gem, the Gem that is actually an egg! Joker is not impressed -- he can defeat Candy (she will still be a child when born) – and proceeds to, well… DESTROY THE WORLD and begin COLLECTING BAD ENERGY FROM ALL THE LIVING THINGS.


The Precure, now knowing the fate of the world, begin to realize that only they can restore it. One by one, they realize the faults of their respective Bad End Precure, become more resolved in their goals as people, nay, as The Smile Precure, and defeat their enemies with the power of the Smile Pact. With the deaths of the Bad End Precures, the Smile Precure reach their own world and confront Joker. Joker is surprised by their ability to defeat the Bad End Precure and is scared of their power… that is, until he begins laughing.



Master Pierrot has absorbed 99 quantities of Bad Energy, and is ready to be resurrected! Joker becomes covered in Black Paint and dissolves, saying that he will become one with Pierrot! Suddenly, what Pop refers to as the Giant of Despair, appears over the horizon. Wanting to help the Precure, he puts the last Décor in the Décor Décor. After a flash of light, the episode ends with a mysterious pair of eyes.

aye aye eyes

Welcome, readers, to the final hours of Smile, the time when everything gets crazy!

 Let’s start off with a very poignant point: Joker destroyed the entire planet.
Let me irritate: Joker has murdered every living thing on the face of the Earth.
You DO NOT get viler than that!
This act – along with him wanting to destroy the Miracle Gem for the sole purpose of killing the very last light of hope in the world -- truly expressed Joker’s evil prowess and concreted him as a potent and great villain. The fact that he cares about nothing more than the death of all things to secure his goal of a Bad End is truly devilish… and cool.

u gon die

Destruction of the world is also a very reserved happening, having only occurred two times before: in Splash Star and Heartcatch. This was astounding to see. This will also make more potent the actions of the Precure from here on out; the fate of every soul on Earth depends on their effort; they literally have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Should they fail, all things are lost.


The Bad End Precure were as awesome as I had predicted them to be. It’s always super great to see equally strong and ambitious villains, ones that mirror the growth and actions of the characters we all know and love, thus making them perfect counters to their very hearts. They were hard-hitting and really drove a wedge in the minds of our Precure.

bad enders

Unfortunately, though these Bad End Precure were supposed to be “shattered-glass” versions of our Precure, I really only got that feeling from Evil Happy and Evil Beauty; the others ones weren’t necessarily opposite of character, but just more of disposition. For instance, Evil Sunny wanted to burn people up. I can’t say I see how that’s opposite of Cure Sunny’s character, nor when Evil March thinks that beating opponents without mercy is the opposite of Cure March.


However, on the flip-side of that, Evil Happy and Beauty were great. Evil Beauty suggests to Cure Beauty that anything ugly or dirty is unacceptable and should go away, completely disregarding the fact that inner beauty counts (not much unlike Cobraja). This was a good mirror of Beauty, as that’s what she cares about. The real exemplar of Bad End Precure was Evil Happy. She was the total opposite of Cure Happy, and she LOVED it. I mean, she starts off the episode with this:

“You know, I love happy things. Who cares if everyone else is depressed and in despair? Everything is fine as long as I am happy! You know, then I see people in pain, I think, ‘Wow, I’m so fortunate!’ It makes me so happy. That’s why I want to fill the world with despair!”


Gracious, me…

This episode was also filled with great direction and epic moments. There were a lot of good moments of trickery and deceit followed by great moments of fighting with astounding direction and angles. There were just so many moments that made you lift up from your seat in excitement and awe! You got to revel in Joker’s deception, the Bad End Precure’s hate, and the Smile Precure’s struggles; this was a triangle that was expertly planned out. More time and development could have been spent on this (the only other time this many Dark Precure were introduced it was in a whole movie), but it didn’t really detract from the impact; my face was still the following:


Oh, and Joker totally reminds me of Alan Gabriel in this scene.
Just sayin’.

joker alan

alan joker

All right, friends, two more episodes and the show’s over! I’ll be rounding it all up, so stay tuned for more!

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