My thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 36: Shoom! Go-Buster Li-oh!

By VIR on October 29, 2012


Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is the 36th series in the Toho Tokusatsu series Super Sentai. Featuring a troupe of three Spec-Ops agents, Red, Blue and Yellow Buster work alongside the mysterious Beet Buster and his Buddyroid Stag Buster to defeat Enter and Escape, the two evil minions of the nefarious Messiah, from freeing their master from the dreaded Hyperspace.

The following blog post will encapsulate my thoughts of the most recent episode. A brief synopsis of the episode – there will be spoilers, so please read at your own risk – and, after that, my thoughts about the episode will be included.

Busters: ready? REVIEW.

This episode is entitled Shoom! Go-Buster Li-oh! Last week’s episode introduced a new Megazord named Li-oh. This episode continues with that introduction and the consequences and newly found advantages of said partnership.


The episode starts up with the ever tantalizing Escape running amok in the city shootin’ folks up. She’s doing this to lure the Go-Busters out so that she can test their new powers against her skill; she is always looking to be “entertained” by someone stronger than her, always looking for a challenge.

Gonna shoot ya up

She easily dispatches the Go-Busters, leaving when she becomes unsatisfied, saying “I hope your new power is as good as I’ve heard,” referring to their new upgrade “Powered Custom.” Switching to the Go-Busters base, we see that the Go-Busters are completely enamored by the new Megazord that has reached their possession, the great Li-oh!

Engineering my favourite

Because their attention has been spent learning about the new ‘Zord, the Buddyroids – Nick, Gorisaki, and Usada – have been feeling ignored and under-appreciated. This – bothering Usada more than anyone else – decides that the first logical step is to… create a union for the better treatment of Buddyroids.

This fails.

As per Beet J Stag’s unintentional advice, the Buddyroids then go on strike, a sure-fire plan for them to get what they want.

Going on strike

By this time, a new Metaroid has been made from a Messiah card to gather more information. The Go-Busters head out to defeat the monster without the help of their Buddyroid buddies, a decision that backfires as soon as the battle starts.


Lacking the power to defeat the new Messiah Brand Metaroid, the ‘Busters soon fall, needing the help of their comrades. Oh! but look! The Buddyroids have overcome their petty hate and shown up to save the Go-Busters, remembering their love for their respective buddies. The Metaroid is promptly disposed of with the power of the Powered Custom; Escape, too, having shown up to fight, was righteously tromped.

Trounced once again

And here comes the MEGAZORD. Going with the theme of everyone getting the butts handed to them, the Great Li-oh! is called to the scene and combines with the GT-02 and the RH-03 for maximum winning. The Megazord is trounced and everyone is happy; no more strikes and good feels all around.


This episode was great. As always, the characters are in your face and potently written. Though the idea of robots going on strike is a little silly, it was nice to see a continuation of a plot point from one episode to the next and how it influenced all of the members of the team; the team grew and it was most certainly felt. That, and more ‘Zord combinations, ‘cuz that’s always a good thing. Also, we got to see more into Enter’s end game, which is always good.

Over all, Go-Busters has been a very solid show with a lot going on, and this episode was no exception. From the new characters and end-game development, this episode will be sure to have you wanting more and more. Make sure to come back next week as I will be reviewing Go-Busters from here until the end!

SentaiSeiya - October 30, 2012 7:19pm


I really need to give Go-Busters a second chance. It feels so odd for me not to have a weekly Toku series to watch.

Is Escape a better villain than Enter? I really did not care too much for the french-spouting bad guy.

VIR - October 30, 2012 10:06pm


You really do need to give Go-Busters a second chance.
It is my favourite Toku, bar none, and I feel it certainly deserves it.

As far as Escape goes, she's pretty one dimensional (so far). All she does is for the sake of her Papa Messiah and the want of a great challenging fight; this being true, however, she has brought forth some of the greatest fights and character development of all other antagonists. She is a really good catalyst for the show.

Also, Enter -- I really don't know why you didn't like him to begin with, but I guess not everything can be for everybody -- has also gotten more interesting. With his new end-game being introduced, more and more facets have been unlocked about him thus making one wonder more and more about him.

SentaiSeiya - February 15, 2013 7:52pm


Just wanted to pop in and say that I did in fact give Go-busters a second chance. Boy am I glad I did!Once the show picks up, it is, as you have mentioned, quite good. I just finished the main story arc, with the Go-busters traveling to the sub-dimension to face Messiah. I just hope the show does not slow from here on.

VIR - February 17, 2013 5:00pm


I'm so glad to hear this!
And the show does not slow down at all.
Gavan shows up for a cool arc, then everything starts up again like it was before.

SentaiSeiya - February 18, 2013 3:43pm


It would have been cool if the original Gavan made in appearance in those two episodes also. He is so badass. When he show's up in the Gokaiger movie, he totally steals the spotlight from them.

SentaiSeiya - October 31, 2012 4:37pm


I guess Enter just did not click with me as a villain . He seemed like your run of the mill lackey to the main villain. Plus I have this pet peeve when Japanese characters in toku speak other languages just to try to sound cool-Birca in go onger, Miyu in Fourze, etc.

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