My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 37: Bride in White, Blight in Black

By VIR on November 10, 2012


All righty, more Go-Busters comin’ atcha!
Busters: ready? REVIEW.

This week’s episode entitled Bride in White, Blight in Black starts off with Yoko prancing about in an uncharacteristically good mood. Guess who’s getting married?!


Well, not Yoko (which is a relief to the team). However, Yoko’s first crush – her elementary school teacher Mr. Hasegawa – is getting married, and he has invited Yoko to attend! How odd!

We change over to Escape reveling in her abandon. She wants to help her Papa Messiah, fearing that Enter isn’t doing all he can for Papa and only working for himself. Escape decides to do all she can, even if…

escape ponders...

An irregular Enertron discharge is scanned and the Go-Busters are off! The Metaroid of the week – Tiararoid – is seen disrupting a wedding ceremony, and she makes her goal clear: to learn about love to better Messiah’s evolution.

love love

A fight ensues, and is disbanded; Escape intervenes and helps the Metaroid escape (lol) so that it can ruin more marriages and learn more about love. The attacks are rampant and then… stop. The Metaroid ends its attack.

The Go-Busters come up with a plan to lure the Metaroid out: fake a wedding with their team as the members. This plan succeeds, but only too well. Escape and Tiararoid show up and crash the party.

escape returns

A fight for the ages breaks out. Escape and Yoko square off, Hiromu duels with the Megazord, and the rest of the team rend the Metaroid. At the end we see that after all the fighting and destruction, Yoko learns more about herself and becomes more mature therefore.


Wow! What an amazing episode this was. So much happened and so much happened well. We got to delve more in to Yoko’s life, and we got to see more of Escape’s goals and motivations.

Firstly, Escape. Her purpose in life is to help her Papa Messiah. This week we go to see just how much she would do and how far she would go for that end. Having been broken before by the might of Enter, she does the unthinkable: she, herself, turns into a Metaroid!

didnt see that coming

This reveal was shocking and well placed. The scene where she is confronted by Enter earlier is seeped with dark and yearning atmosphere; it was tense and creepy… and I liked it. You can tell that something is going to go down, as the rift between the minions is obviously growing.

I love seeing Escape grow like this. I can certainly see her giving more and more to the story at hand. With her passion going to these extreme lengths, I can totally see her going CRAZY in the next few weeks. Things, I must say, are starting to go down.

stand offish

Next is Yoko. This episode was as much about her as it was about Escape. Yoko is not always going to be the little girl that the rest of the team treats her. She’s always said this, but here we get to see that proven: she begins to understand what love and passion is after dueling with Escape and feeling Escape’s passion for Messiah.

I know this will come back into play later; having to protect the world and her friends and family, Yoko is not much unlike Escape, and I can see her possibly having more intense and dramatic parts in the future.


And the fight, oh Lordy, the fight. The battle between Blue, Stag, Beet Buster and the Metaroid was righteous! Talk about a beat-down brawl. At this point, the Go-Busters have one mission: stop Messiah, no ifs, ands, or buts. The Metaroid learns this the hard way, the hard-fisted way.


The Megazord battle at the end was especially satisfying. Not only did we get loads of explosions and The Great Li-oh! back in motorbike mode, we also go a very technically centered battle. The thing that impressed me was that all the motorbike scenes, Ace is seen shifting gears, pressing the clutch, and revving the gas.

revving up

This – along with the very expressive inner workings of The Great Li-oh – was awesome to see. This attention to detail was solely aesthetic, but showed great love for the scene and really added a great layer to the construction of the suits.

This episode was a great ride from start to finish. It was well written with many moments of deep emotion and tense interactions; the fighting was intense; and the episode brought up and developed many interesting points. Though the story has somewhat been done before (Shinkenger Ep 8) it didn’t hamper anything that the episode was trying to say or do and it all went together well.

SentaiSeiya - November 10, 2012 11:02pm


Ah the quintessential wedding episode. I think there has been a few of them in Super Sentai history besides Shinkenger. I believe Jetman, Dekaranger and Gaoranger also had a wedding episode.

VIR - November 10, 2012 11:44pm


I didn't know the wedding episode was so ingrained into Sentai.

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