My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 38: Ace Deathmatch Live!

By VIR on November 18, 2012

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Busters: ready? REVIEW

This week’s episode – entitled Ace Deathmatch Live! – starts off with Masato walking around the Buster’s Headquarters looking for someone to join Beet J. Stag and himself to an “MMA Best of the Best” tournament that’s being held at the city’s East Dome.

Wanna come?

No one accepts the invitation; however, Ryuji explains why he can't go: there is one last hidden “trump card” in Li-Oh’s systems, and he wants to find out what it is. But before he can explain further, an Enertron discharge is sensed and the Go-Busters are sent out to fight… FOUR MEGAZORDS?!

Hiromu is sent out in Ace to fight the first Megazord, but, during their fight, he is suddenly whisked away in a brilliant flash of purple light to the bowels of the East Dome! When his transportation is done, Hiromu and Ace are on a giant boxing ring, and the enemy ‘Zord is there and ready to fight!


We learn that this is the work of Enter, and that Hiromu must fight four Megazords so that Enter can gather data about how Ace fights to better the evolution of his Messiah. A cruel yet ingenious plan this is, and Hiromu has no choice but to play along.
Let the fights begin!

Let the fights begin

The first fight goes well enough, but then a tag-team of ‘Zords show up. Hiromu pulls out a very close win, all the while his teammates are trying to get into the dome and provide support. The fights get progressively more difficult, and Hiromu almost loses. But, with the determination of a fighter and the resilience of a Go-Buster, Hiromu pulls through and continues to fight!


The Go-Busters, having learned the secret to the East Dome (it being the Messiah Metaroid), return to save Hiromu with The Great Li-Oh’s trump card: a new combination! With a couple of hissatsu, the ‘Zords are defeated and the Messiah card is deleted. The episode ends with Enter looking rather placid after the events (suspicious!) and Masato still looking for company to the fight (Ha!).


Keeping up the theme of being awesome, this episode of Go-Busters was exactly that: awesome.

This episode included new musical scores that have not been used before. They really set up the mood of the scenes in the episode and were very orchestral, creepy, and epic; they got my blood pumping every time they were played!

Another thing that was cool was the large amount of ‘Zords in this episode and how the suit-actors were able to make each one have its own character. It really felt as if each ‘Zord was an individual, whether that was from gestures or fighting styles. This was very nice to see and showed a great level of dedication.

We happinin

Going off of that, the fighting in this episode was also a marvel to behold. We weren’t saddled with clunky punches and lasers; instead, we were given ‘Zords that knew Muay Thai and fought with knives and stabbing weapons. The fighting was explosive and well choreographed, and it really carried a lot of weight with each strike. It was so very nice to see robots doing MMA style ring fighting, as it truly made this scene memorable and unique.


If you know me and Toku, you know that I love broken masks. And that is exactly what was in this episode. Hiromu’s helmet gets busted during a decisive match, and he is down for the count. Besides looking awesome, this addition really drove home his desperation and yet solidified his resolve to always continue; to see him broken (symbolized by his mask) and yet continue to fight was powerful.


If there was any one thing that I didn’t like about this episode it was the newest combination. Now, I do love combinations, but I usually only appreciate them when they are good. The Great Li-Oh’s trump card is to combine with GT-02, RH-03, BC-04, and SJ-05.

new combination

Do you see GT-02 or RH-03 anywhere in this combination? No? That’s because they were slapped onto its back.

on the back

This was a very ungraceful combination. When you say that all five combine but some just end up hanging on the back and you call it a day, it’s a little sloppy. Nice to see, but it could have better used all elements of the combination.

At the end of the day, this episode introduced new ideas and concepts, had great fights that were technical and fun, and further developed Enter and his end game thus making him more and more mysterious and suspicious.

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