My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters EP 39: The Unstoppable Fists of Messiah!

By VIR on November 27, 2012

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Busters: ready? REVIEW This week’s episode – entitled The Unstoppable Fists of Messiah! – starts off with a child (Kenta) facing off a bunch of older dudes at karate; Kenta is suggesting that he can beat them all.
And he does.
And he likes it… A LOT.


The Go-Busters get a report about a Messiah Card sighting and head out. They are greeted with a room of badly beaten men with only Kenta being undamaged. Kenta runs away, and the ‘Busters pursue him when, lo! Buglars and Enter appear to take Kenta away!


A glorious fight ensues, and Kenta gets away… only to be cornered by Buglars… only to beat the ever loving crap out of them? What’s going on here?

Kenta, while at his dojo, found a Messiah Card; it bonded with his gloves and gave him great power. He has chosen to use this power on people in his dojo to prove to his father that he can become an engineer. This, of course, got out of hand when he chooses to hurt them rather than beat them. At this point, the gloves take control and start to fulfill their prime directive:


All hell breaks loose as Kenta begins to infect people just to make them fight each other and him. The Go-Busters arrive to stop the melee, but Enter and Escape will have none of that; their Papa’s evolution takes all precedence! The fight begins, and Ryuji and Kenta square off.


The Metaroid once again controls Kenta and trounces Ryuji; however, being filled with spirit, Kenta stops the Metaroid’s control. In order to complete its directive, it separates from Kenta and becomes whole. The fights continue with each team defeating their opponent, and each one learning their lesson.

The episode ends with Kenta proving to his father his determination and will for being an engineer, and he is allowed to pursue that dream! The Go-Busters wave farewell, and all is well.

sad end

Another solid episode of Go-Busters. This one is filled with great choreography, devious and suspicious proceedings, and – surprisingly – great emotional appeal (especially one stemming from a child for the younger audience).

The fighting in this episode was great. Kenta – even being as small as he is – was able to make his punches and kick looks like they would have hurt. The impact of each hit was felt and made a very explosive fight. The fights were ferocious, too, really making it seems as it Kenta were possessed.


Ryuiji loses control in this episode when he overheats fighting Kenta. It was exceptionally cool when he lobs an entire boulder at the Metaroid in order to defeat it. Moar, pls.


Once again, we get too see Enter do some really suspicious stuff. In this episode, we see him save Escape. Now, that shouldn’t alarm you, but what he says afterwards should: “Because if possible, I would prefer not to lose you.” And he says it with a look of… dismay, almost foreboding upon his face (we can also see that Syo Jinnai – Enter’s actor – choke back come emotion, physically showing his consternation).


Is Enter up to something here? Could his brotherly feelings towards Escape be coming up, only to possibly have to sacrifice her later for Messiah’s major plan (if there is one)? There is a lot of emotion going in here, and it leads me to think that Enter might have to do something he really doesn’t want to later, and this thing may involve Escape in some capacity.


This was also another great learning experience for Messiah. Enter really does seem to be covering every aspect of a human so that Messiah can be the best possible destroyer and killer. I can see this making quite the amazing end boss.

Sentai, being for the kiddies anyway, did a good job today really bringing the learning and emotional aspects. There was a good bit of mentoring and pressure to “follow you dreams” in this one, which is always good to see; gotta have them kiddos learn what’s right and to pursue what they want. And not many things, I would assume, will be more influential to children than their favorite hero team!

my favorite

Go-Busters is still going strong and keeps pulling me further in. Will more be explained about Enter’s plans? Will we see more Messiah growth? Will things start going down? Stay tuned for more Go-Busters down the track!

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