My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 40: J Stands in Front of the Messiahroid

By VIR on December 02, 2012

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This week’s episode – entitled J Stands in Front of the Messiahroid – starts off with the team reviewing Hyperspace’s condition: it’s really messed up. Hiromu suggests wanting to destroy their Megazord production. The team leaves that idea alone, noting that Jin’s hangar in hyperspace is safe if Megazord production continues.

the start

We shift to J giving a nature report to Jin and him demanding a status update on Jin’s condition in hyperspace. In short, it’s not going well; Jin’s body – from past attacks – has been slowly disappearing into code, and it’s been getting worse.


Escape, still wanting to help her Papa, makes a Metaroid to track down a Messiah card. The Parabolaroid tracks down a Messiah card… but Enter appears as the blip on the radar. Escape is confused; she SAW him get rid of all the Messiah cards. Enter’s only response is…


The transported Megazord is defeated and the Parabolaroid – having been ignored in Enter and Escape’s confrontation – goes off to find another Messiah card. It finds the card, and oh, boy! does everything go to hell after that! The Messiah card fuses with the Metaroid and goes on a rampage! The Go-Busters race out to defeat the Metaroid only to be stopped by… J?!


J states that he will not allow any harm to come to this Metaroid. This befuddles the Go-Busters team, and the Captain contacts Jin about it. He, however, is just a confused as everybody else. It turns out that J wants the Messiah card from the Metaroid, but why?

This is answered when the Go-Busters attack the Metaroid again: J needs the Messiah card to recover missing data to fully revive Jin’s body, as it was not fully transported 13 years ago.

code sucks

Jin, having arrived, convinces J that there has to be another way to save him, and they all team up to destroy the Metaroid. But Enter enters the fray and stops the team and… henshins into a Metaroid himself?!


Enter beats the Go-Busters and steals back the Messiah card, stating that he now has a trump card against Beet Buster. The metaroid – now being powerless – is easily dispatched.

The episode ends on no one really being that worried; hopes are high that Jin and everyone else in hyperspace can safely come back if data can be restored and saved again.


This week’s episode really introduced a lot more interesting topics and ideas; it’s really starting to get crowded in there with all the new plot devices and topics. Hopefully everything will get its fair share of screen time (Kiva, I’m looking at you!).

Firstly, Enter is now a Metaroid?! Where did that come from? This power was only introduced today, and it was quite interesting to see. I’m wondering, however, if this is a Metaroid power of something else? It would seem that Enter would be above such a lowly power upgrade (him scoffing at Escape and all). Could he be something more?

face of doom

He also continues to speak about a trump card. Is that his knowledge about Jin? Or his Messiah card? Or… something more devilish? He certainly is holing quite a good grip on the proceedings; he’s not saying much, but he’s totally in control.

Also, we get to see more of Jin’s plight. Long ago in the show we saw Jin’s comatose body in hyperspace, but nothing else was ever said about it. It’s so nice to learn more about his state and what’s happening to him. This will certainly give many more interesting plots and stories in the future for the Go-Busters to follow, and certainly more epic and seat-gripping conclusions!


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, there was a lot of Beet J. Stag in this episode; we finally got to see his hijinks and goofiness in the limelight, and it was so very good.

moshi moshi desu

Overall, not too much to talk about in this episode, but a solid episode nonetheless. As seems the theme of the past few episodes, things are slowly getting revealed and built. This is great to see as it will promise a solid and explosive ending.

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