My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 41: Pink Buster, Thief Fatale!

By VIR on December 15, 2012

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Busters: ready? REVIEW

This week’s episode – entitled Pink Buster, Thief Fatale – starts off with the Go-Busters learning about the location of a Messiah Card… and the hefty price attached to it. The finder of the card (knowing just how valuable the card is) asking for 10,000,000 yen for its safe return.

nah mate

The team is sent over to talk some sense into the owner of the card. He is unbudging on his price which miffs the Go-Busters. The team is getting nowhere with the man; suddenly, a mysterious stranger with pink hair shows up in the window sill. Who could it be?


The Pink Buster, as she calls herself, proceeds to steal the card and make a swift get away; however, not without enticing the Go-Busters to make chase. She promptly escapes using her I’m-suddenly-stronger-and-smarter-than-a-spec-ops-cell plot powers. But when Buglars attack, her escape is quickly put on hold.

With the Go-Busters fighting the Buglars, Pink Buster escapes. Red Buster makes an attempt to follow her, but loses her. The only thing that he sees after going over a fence is a nonchalant lady walking away. BUT SHE’S SECRETLY PINK BUSTER.


We learn that the Pink Buster is a cat burglar that is acts somewhat like Robin Hood. Suddenly, an Enetron discharge is detected, and the Go-Busters are off! A fancy Metariod named Louperoid is stealing people’s greed; people he attacks become insanely giving and virtuous.
The ‘Busters fight him but to no avail.


The Pink Buster returns and tells Red Buster that Louperoid did not come from her stolen card, meaning that there must be two. To defeat the Metaroid, Pink and Red Buster – though reluctantly – team up to draw it out. This works all too well as the Metaroid attacks the Go-Busters head on.
A BIFF! and a POW! later, the Metaroid is destroyed and the day is saved. It is also revealed that the card that the Pink Buster had was fake, and that there was only one real Messiah card this episode.


Red Buster, being the paragon of justice that he is, makes Pink Buster promise to never steal again; she promises… or se we think.

The episode ends on Hiromu getting a letter from Pink Buster, saying that she can never stop stealing, especially since she has found something worth stealing: Hiromu’s heart.


This episode was, well… kinda dumb. I know that Sentai is more goofy and somewhat less serious (expect for recently) than its Kamen Rider counter-part, but this episode was just downright silly and inconsequential; it really didn’t bring much to the table as far as plot or end game is concerned, especially since Enter nor Escape even showed up. At the end of the day, there isn’t really that much to talk about in this episode, but let’s try.

The purpose of the Messiah Metaroids is pontificated on for a scene. Jin goes over the past Metaroids purposes, each one gathering data on a certain aspect of humanity: intelligence, human emotion, Buster Machine combat, artificial constructs, and love. Jin figures out that Louperoid is going after people’s greed. But why? What could Messiah need with people’s Greed? Introdasting…


We are also greeted with a pretty cool Megazord fight. I mean, anything with Beet Buster, Stag Buster, BC-04, and SJ-05 in it is going to be pretty cool, right? The enemy ‘Zord has the ability to steal parts from any existing Megazord, so it promptly steals Stag’s weapons and uses them on Beet. A hilarious fight to the end, this was.


Also, and probably most importantly, bloomers.

because yes

Because yes.

Overall, this was not a stunning episode of Go-Busters, but it certainly was solid and fun. There wasn’t much progress made into the end game of the plot, but it was touched on so I can’t really be mad at all. Stay tuned for more Go-Busters as this show wraps up!

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