My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 42: Plunge into the Megazord

By VIR on December 28, 2012

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Busters: ready? REVIEW!

This week’s episode – entitled Plunge into the Megazord – starts off with what seems like an average fight between the Go-Busters and a Metaroid. The ‘Busters don’t take the fight too seriously, and the Metaroid is easily trounced.


Enter – overlooking the proceedings – finds a Messiah Card. The card in need of a host, Enter attaches it to the incoming Megazord, making a Messianic Megazord Metaroid, a Megazordroid if you please!


With this creation, another Megazord is on its way… but nothing happens when its five second transportation time ends. Before the team has time to think about what is happening, the MMM transforms into a rail-car and disappears! The MMM begins to kidnap people in the city that are feeling down and depressed and then disappears without a trace. The MMM eludes the Go-Busters until Yoko tracks it down; unfortunately, she gets sucked onto the train as well as the depressed victim!


It’s revealed at that point that the MMM is gathering data on human weakness to better the evolution of Messiah, and that the people it has been stealing are all suffering a bout of depression, thus making them perfect for data absorption. With this information known, the ‘Busters create a plan to get the MMM in their grasp: have Miho Nakamura fake being sad to lure the MMM in.


This almost works, but the MMM skips over her, as it knows it is a trap. The MMM notices, however, that Yoko – while inside with the other victims – has been cheering said victims up. This does not sit well with the MMM, so it stops and tries to rectify the situation. This gives the Go-Busters a chance to enter the MMM and save the day!

go go busters

Upon entering, the ‘Busters are met by Enter and Escape. A fight breaks out between the four. Red and Enter fall out of the MMM, and Blue and Escape continue to fight in the train, their fighting destroying the dynamo of the MMM rendering it useless.


The MMM is defeated, but lo! the missing Megazord from before comes out if it! And Escape is piloting it! AND THE MESSIAH CARD TRANSFORMS THE MEGAZORD INTO A SUPER MESSIAH MEGAZORD! WAT!


Another fight breaks out between the Buster Machines and the new Megazord, but Escape, not being used to the power, falters in her fight; Enter suggests retreating for now. With the rapidity of Messiah’s evolution, Red Buster fears the worst. The episode ends on this fearful prediction of the future.

das end



This episode was pretty interesting, especially for all the new things that have been presented as far as the end game and Messiah’s evolution is concerned.

Firstly, a Megazord Metaroid. That’s a new one on me! What an interesting idea, that a metaroid really can be just about anything, from a person to a Megazord. Something this big and different happening can only suggest that things are going to go up from here, and if that’s true, then we ought to get ready for some majorly awesome ideas to be presented from here on out!


Speaking of new and exciting ideas, Escape’s a Megazord now? That kinda blew my mind when I saw that (especially since it’s downright scary). I mean, Escape first turned into a Metaroid, and now she has the power of a Megazord? This is getting crazy, the amount of power that the bad guys are getting; it’s really concerning why they are getting it and what they can possibly do with it. I feel a very explosive last few episodes with this inclusion.


The evolutionary process for this episode was interesting: gather information on weakness and then the strength on how to rebound from said weakness. This will be a very important step in Messiah’s evolution; I mean, how does the saying go, never pick a fight with a man who has nothing left to lose? If Messiah fears no weakness and can bounce back from any gained, then he would be unstoppable!


We also get to see how Enter’s absorption of a Messiah card is affecting him; he gets cut by Red Buster while fighting, but the Card simply heals him with no ill effects; one would assume that, at this point, Enter is simply invulnerable. Can he be defeated? Also, Red Buster notices a “light” coming from Enter’s eyes as he transforms, and he is taken aback from it, saying “Is that light what I think it is?” How contemplative. What could that light be? Is it connected to Messiah in some way?


This episode ends as a two-parter, leaving much to be explain. This was another very informative and interesting episode. Once again, this is building up to what can be assumed to be a very explosive end game!

Stay tuned for more as we wrap up!

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