My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 43: Christmas Resolutions

By VIR on December 30, 2012

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Busters: ready? REVIEW!

This week’s episode – entitled Christmas Resolutions – starts off with the team searching for the mysterious Messiah Megazord, or the Megazord Zeta, if you will. It, having powerful stealth capabilities; has been eluding the ‘Busters, and there has been no sign of the Vagras in two weeks.


With the Captain lowering the alert, the ‘Busters now focus on their annual Christmas party for children at the Dainan Orphanage; however, Escape and Enter also are planning their own “party” for Christmas: two Messiah cards are about to awaken, and in the same place!


The Go-Busters arrival at the orphanage is short lived as a Messianic Metaroid begins to attack… on that is made of TWO Messiah Cards! The ‘Busters arrive and start to fight the Metaroid; however, the Metaroid has the upper hand in this battle! It eats the anger from its opponents, and the Go-Busters are full of it; it gets stronger as they get weaker!


The fight continues. The Metaroid gains strength as the ‘Buster continue to go weaker. Escape and Enter also join the fray to add insults to make the ‘Busters angrier. The battle ends when Hiromu uses his Volcanic Attack and injures the Metaroid, making the enemies all retreat.


Arriving back to HQ, the ‘Busters get ready to fight and destroy the Metaroid… by agreeing to let Hiromu do it alone? What?

While the rest of the troupe goes to fight the two Megazords, Hiromu goes out and finds the Metaroid and fights is passively; if it cannot gather any anger from him, then it cannot get stronger. He does this by playing the music box he got for Christmas 13 years ago in his helmet. This allows him to focus on the fight and to remember that people have put their faith in him! With this, the fight turns around! Hiromu destroys the Metaroid with a Final Buster attack!


However, before the two Messiah Cards can be deleted, Enter jumps out and saves them, saying that the data held within is too valuable to lose. Suddenly, Escape appears and steals the Cards from Enter and absorbs them into her Messianic Megazord and evolves further! Grabbing Enter in her Megazord hands, Escape explains that Enter never wanted to bring Messiah back, that he was only working for his own agenda. Enter is promptly killed.


This shocks the Go-Busters, seeing the enemy turn on themselves. Escape vows then and there to her Papa that all there is left to do is destroy the Go-Busters! The episode ends with the beginning of a decisive battle!


whoa, Whoa, WHOA.

We’re getting crazy now, mates!

I wasn’t expecting much for this episode seeing as how it was a Christmas episode – Gokaiger, I’m looking at you – but lordy! was I surprised!

Firstly, we get to delve even deeper into the plans of Enter and Escape. We learn that it takes only one care for Messiah to evolve to great lengths, and that Enter is not scared of losing any more cards. By this fact alone, though, using only one card would fundamentally alter Messiah’s programming, changing who he is.
Enter is fine with this, but Escape is totally against it. I wonder why? Escape is loyal to Messiah and wants him back, but what about Enter? I assume at this point he wants to become the new Messiah with the card that is held within himself, but we’ll see…


Speaking of Enter, he died in the most metal way possible, I think. Of course, one would beg the question: is he really dead? He welcomed his demise so calmly, taking that time to insult Escape, telling her that she is flawed and “human.” And can we disregard the Messiah Card in him so easily? And when he explodes into gooey sounding chunks, it’s in a dispersion of data, just as when he returns to Hyperspace.
We’ll see what happens here, but my money is on that he’s still alive and that revenge will be served.


Escape’s evolution, rather Messiah’s evolution, is taking turns for the worst for the Go-Busters. Her Megazord is continually getting stronger and stronger, now having the power of both of today’s Metaroids, specifically swords upon each arm. Also, it’s interesting to think that only one card is needed to make Messiah evolve to unknown amounts, and he now sports THREE. I have a feeling that some crazy fights are going to go down next time.


In the spirit of the season, both Enter and Escape arrive in Santa get-ups coloured black to better symbolize the fact that, to the Go-Busters, this should be a Black Christmas. This reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger quite on it…

santa clease

Sinta clarws

Yeah, no clue…

With today’s episode – and I know I’ve said it before – this end-game is really, REALLY heating up. I can see some insanely awesome fights and deep character exploration coming up here very soon. This end-game is going to rock, and I can’t wait for it!

Stay tuned for more!

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