My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 45: Happy New Year – Tiny but Deadly Again

By VIR on January 15, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters – entitled Happy New Year – Tiny but Deadly Again – starts off with a fourth-wall breaking celebration of the New Year. The team is seen saying Happy New Year to all their viewers and promising to make the New Year just as safe.


Vagras sightings interrupt the celebration, and the Go-Busters head out! They are greeted with a bumbling group of Bugglars that are searching – and found – a Hyperspace Laptop, one that is able to make Metaroids. The bugglars are easily dispatched; however, two escape with the laptop unbeknownst to the ‘Busters. The Go-Busters, thinking they have won, go back to base.


Upon returning to the base, Ryuuji is ushered out to go on a blind date set up via Gorisaki, and Hiromu’s sister is also going on a similar date. To keep an eye on the proceedings and make sure everything goes well, the rest of the team follows their respective party. Let the hilarity ensue.

While the team is watching over their love-birds, the two Bugglars that escaped accidentally drop their laptop whilst fighting between themselves and make a metaroid! A Mini Mochi Metaroid! Oh, no!


The ‘Busters – save for Blue Buster – race off to stop the Metaroid threat, only to find Bugglars and nothing else. Odd, especially when Beet and Stag are attacked with Mochi? For the episode’s sake, the Buster’s care not about rogue mochi attacks and go back to their previous assignment: watching over Ryuuji and Hiromu’s sister.

Who watches?

The Mochi makes its way back to the restaurant via Hiromu and starts to wreak havoc. Now the ‘Busters have to stop a Metaroid and Megazord attack while still trying to keep Ryuuji unaware of what’s happening. I think you know where this is going.

Either way, The Mini Mochi Metaroid finds its way to the kitchen, plops its way into a pan, and cooks itself to larger proportions. Now it can fight on the ‘Busters’ scale! A fight starts and concludes as Hiromu deciphers the MMM’s weakness: lasers, really strong lasers.


We end this episode on the knowledge that Hiromu’s sister was not on a date, rather a lunch with her publisher discussing terms of her contract, and Ryuuji’s blind date already has a boyfriend, a fact that Ryuuji is glad to hear.


Have you ever wondered what filler is?
Look no further, mates, as this certainly that.

This episode was painfully inconsequential; nothing happened, and what did happen didn’t go towards anything that was held in this end-game. I mean, blegh!
But there are some interesting things to bring up, however, but don’t expect too much.

This was the first time, if I recall correctly, that we get to see Hercules ride the Great Li-Oh. An interesting combination as it looked pretty awesome. It didn’t give anything new or propose anything different from the Ace x Li-Oh combo, but c’mon… Hercules.


At one point in the episode, Beet Buster is trying to summon his Megazords via his marker system. During this, his marker system seems to fail, as he tries multiple times to summon his machines, tapping his helmet as one would a faulty remote-control, to make it work. I don’t know if this was intentional, a product of the filler-nature of the episode, or Beet just being Beet, but it’s an interesting point to bring up. Now that Messiah is dead and the fate of Hyperspace prolly in the dumps, could Beet be suffering repercussions? Jin, too? Hurm…


I think the thing that really riled me up about this episode was the blatant reuse of a villain. I wasn’t angry, but I was somewhat miffed to see this suit used again, used to be a mochi instead of the eraser from episode 26. The only thing that was changed was the sleeve in which the enemy was housed and a little burnt coloring was added. This just solidified the “filler-iness” of the episode as it made the whole endeavor feel contrived. It worked, mind you, but c’mon…


This episode brought nothing new to the table and felt completely out-of-place this late in the series, especially during the end-game! Guh! At the end of the day, nothing was necessarily wrong with the episode, but it was kinda dumb and unexciting.
Oh, well.
We got five more episodes to make up for it.





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