My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 46: Overheating, and a New Unison!

By VIR on January 19, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters – entitled Overheating, and a New Unison – starts off with Ryuuji being depressed. Trying to help Yoko start studying and getting ready for Highschool, Ryuuji is called annoying by Yoko; this upsets him, as he and Yoko have always had a special relationship together.


We change over to the main control room. The Commander is wondering where the last Messiah card is, and Beet J. Stag is wondering where his pet stag beetle is. An enetron discharge is detected, and the ‘Busters head out. This situation is odd; there is no Megazord being transported and the discharge is in the middle of the forest. This unnerves Ryuuji, the situation being like it is. Their confusion ends with the addition of more confusion: Enter and Escape arrive at the scene!


Oh, my.
This is bad.
The ‘Busters and the Avatars begin their fight, Escape – as always – picking out Blue Buster to fight; however, she acts as if she has never met him before. They start fighting, each one each other’s equal. During the intense fight, Ryuuji overheats, and the fighting gets out-of-hand: he shoots at Yoko and then falls off a bridge with Escape, nowhere to be found.


The team spread out to try and find Ryuuji, but to no avail. Down the river, Ryuuji and Escape are still fighting, Ryuuji in super-overheat mode, wanting to kill Escape and end the fight once and for all. The HQ picks up Ryuuji’s signal and the rest of the team head out, only to be greeted with killer, insane, and unstoppable Ryuuji!


Yoko, knowing that she is the only one who can stop Ryuuji, tries to appeal to his memories of their relationship to make him snap out of his rage; it works, as Yoko is able to get close enough to push Ryuuji in the ocean to cool him down. Now that the team is back together, they run after Escape to finish the battle.


Which they succeed in doing.
However, a most mysterious thing happens: Enter comes out of the shadows, makes a Metaroid from Beet J. Stag’s missing beetle with the help of no laptop and resurrects Escape who – once again – acts as if she has no memory of prior events! The episode ends with Enter taking a bow, surely awaiting the final battle.


Readers, let me tell you one thing: this was an intense episode.
Go-Busters is just reaffirming that it’s my favourite Sentai and my favourite Toku.

This was an explosively awesome episode. Not only were we shocked with lots of new twists and turns, we were also given lots of cinematic and well directed scenes, whether that be from fighting or character developmental scenes. Centering, pans, and the like were in top notch this time around, and it really made the episode intriguing and captivating, especially when Ryuuji went berserk. The fighting choreography was outstanding and very hard-hitting; it truly felt like a rage-filled fight, one that has to end with one death. There was a lot of flipping, explosions, and other intense modifiers present.


Lots of nice things like that really made this episode great and memorable.

Speaking of Ryuuji, this episode solidified him as my favorite Buster, bar none. His rage and determination (though wrongly fueled this time) really showed just how awesome he is and can be. Since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with strong characters – Porthos from The Three Musketeers and Raseem from The Arabian Knights – so Ryuuji falls right into place. It was so great to see Ryuuji erupt into fury, to want to destroy Escape and do anything to do it.


This situation also helped with great inter-character development. We get to see how much Ryuuji and Yoko mean to each other. Ryuuji attacks Yoko during his rage because he was so distraught by her actions earlier in the episode. This made for a captivating emotional struggle as the two characters fought each other, and it was greatly appreciated.


Oh, and before we get too far, let me say this: broken masks are the best thing ever, and this episode was filled with it.



These moments really mean a lot to me. It’s no longer the cold and emotionless mask; you are greeted with the humanity inside it, and the struggle that the person is dealing with is now emotionally tangible upon the face of the actor. You can see the squint of eyes, the grimaces of pain, the distraught expressions all brought to life; both the Sentai AND the person are equally represented, both their struggles evident. This brings so much depth and captivation to the proceedings of a scene. You can only get this effect from a busted mask, and the effect is beyond anything else in Toku. I really cannot express what this does in me; it is the equivalent of butterflies in my stomach when I see this and when I think about this. A busted mask can be the difference between a memorable scene and an unforgettable scene.


My point exactly.

Off to our final point of the night, Enter and Escape.
Holy. Crap.
We saw Escape get absorbed by Messiah. To have her back raises so many questions, especially her lack of memory and her allegiance to Enter (like when she calls HIM Papa). We see that Enter is responsible for her return, and that she is also made of a flower, an organic substance, something that could NOT be used to make Metaroids and other constructs (same thing for the Stag Beetle Metaroid). Enter has gained some new power, and it’s pretty freaky to see. We can only fathom at this point why he can do what he does, but I assume it’s due to the two cards – possibly three – inside him and that he may have downloaded Messiah’s evolution data; he is Messiah now.


Things are getting out of control here, friends, so stay tuned for more!

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