My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 47: Resets and Backups

By VIR on January 24, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters – entitled Resets and Backups – starts off where the last episode left off: the warehouse where Enter has newly made Escape and a Stag Beetle Metaroid. The team is greeted with a few stunning revelations: a Megazord is on its way and Enter is the new Messiah!


A short fight breaks out, but Enter stops them for more explanation. Thought Enter’s minions are made from flowers and bugs – still a major evolutionary step for the Vaglass – he will soon be experimenting on humans, hoping to one day make a perfect human, that perfect human being himself! Enter assures Red Buster that he will suffer no more losses by Red’s hands, and he makes his point clear by saying one thing: chicken!


What, ho?! Enter knows Hiromu’s weak point! No longer having the upper hand, the ‘Busters retreat back to HQ to create a new plan. That plan, it turns out, is to try and make Hiromu stop freezing upon the sight of a chicken. This plan goes… swimmingly.


But not really, no.

The team being to ruminate over Enter and Escapes returns. They conclude that they are returning from “backups” of data that have been stored; to permanently defeat them, those backups would have to be deleted. The question is “where are they?” No answers come, but the Chief suggest looking for Card 13, the one nobody has even seen…

Before long, the next day arrives; the Megazord is closing in and the Stagbeetleroid has called the ‘Busters out to fight. The ‘Buster arrive to be greeted by Enter, Escape, and the Metaroid. Escape prepares to fight the Go-Busters, but upon asking Enter for permission, Enter strikes her down and kills her!


To ‘Busters are taken aback from this display; so in Enter. He simply makes a new Escape, and tells her to fight her heart out with the Go-Busters. A fight breaks out and everyone gets down to business. Red Buster and Beet Buster get teamed up with the Stagbeetleroid. The SBR says “chicken” and Hiromu freezes! Then Beet Buster slashes Hiromu! But, lo! Hiromu can move again! The team decided to make Hiromu unfreeze faster than to keep him from freezing! This makes the battle move swiftly, and Escape and the Megazord are also defeated.


All that is left is Enter.
The ‘Busters confront him.
Enter pontificates that he will become human; Red Buster declares otherwise, saying that Enter will only be ones and zeroes, and saying that he will destroy Enter. Enter, being overtly confident, invites Red Buster to kill him. Red Buster does, and the day is saved …


or so they think.

Enter returns from the grave using, of course, his backup data. Jin says that the team must find Enter’s backup data to truly kill him. Enter then points out that his data is stored on card 13, stored inside Hiromu; to kill him, you must kill Hiromu. The episode ends on this baffling reveal.


Readers, if Go-Busters wasn’t already the most awesome Toku ever, it just got better.
This show is getting off the hook, mates!

Firstly, Enter. I’ve loved his character since the beginning, but seeing his true colors and deceit come out now is fantastic; that, and his new emotion of overt anger. For instance, when he murders Escape for no apparent reason. It came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of lead.
How could he do that!
And with so extreme anger plastered upon his face, too!
This scene made me jump; it blindsided me. This is showing either Enter’s development and growth, or his human side degrading his construct side; either way, this was stunning to see.


There was also a scene in-between Escape and Enter that was unsettling. Enter and Escape are walking in a warehouse, and Escape is being super-obedient. Enter admires her for that (due to his reprogramming of her). Enter feigns trying to kill Escape with his sword, but Escape does not flinch, saying that she knows that her Papa will never try and hurt her. This perturbs Enter, bring him to say “this approach seems to be lacking somewhat as well…”
What approach?
What is Enter trying to do with Escape? Does he want her to become human, too? Is there some relational aspect here between them? Only time will tell, I suppose.


The plan to get Hiromu to unfreeze faster was awesome, I must say. It came out of nowhere right in the middle of a battle, so it was certainly a surprise. I found that it was well developed and an interesting way to get Hiromu back in the action. What really surprised me was that Hiromu agreed to have his teammates attack and hurt him so that he can continue to fight. This showed to me great dedication of character – a normal aspect of this show – and I was glad to see more of it.


Speaking of Hiromu, we’ve learned that he is the backup for Enter.
What a twist! With an episode already filled with blind-siding reveals, this one takes the cake! This reveal was fourteen episodes in the making, with Enter stealing Hiromu’s data in episode 33.This news is going to greatly impact the following episodes. We now have a perfect Catch-22: to save the earth, you must kill you best friend (more or less). The inter-character development and struggles are going to be top-notch from here on out, and it will be engrossing and amazing to see. Also, seeing as how Go-Busters has already broken the mold on so many precedents, I wouldn’t be surprised of the ending of this scenario is not a good one.


Another cool thing about this episode was when we got to see through Blue Buster’s mask. To my knowledge, we’ve never been able to do that before, and it was very interesting to see. I always enjoy the technical side of armors and robots, so to see a more raw aspect of the system brought into view is always great.


There’s a lot happening on the Go-Busters front, readers, and it’s all going down in the last three episodes! Stay tuned for more as we wrap this up!

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