My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 48: The Trap is Sprung

By VIR on February 07, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters – entitled The Trap is Sprung – starts exactly where the last episode left off: exposition. Hiromu is Enter’s backup, and held within Hiromu is the 13th card, the card that collecting data from the other cards. A collector’s card, if you please.

lol u funy

He is the ultimate backup.

The rest of the episode centers around Hiromu and the team coming to terms with what is happening. Hiromu feigns confidence while the HQ tries and figure out a plan to remove the 13 card from Hiromu’s data. Ideas come to mind, but all are too risky.

heres the plan,...

Hiromu goes out on his own and tries to defeat Enter. A rousing fight occurs, but they are equally matched; Enter knows everything about Hiromu, attacks included. Hiromu is badly beaten – Enter wants to cripple him so that he cannot fight yet still hold Enter’s data. Hiromu tries again to kill Enter, but this time tries to kill himself as well!


The plan fails: Enter protects Hiromu from the flames, dies, and comes back stronger than ever. The episode ends with the team being privy to a most harrowing closing statement from Enter: “Let’s… Morphin’.”



I think that is the perfect word to describe this episode.

Firstly, the main point of this episode: Hiromu is Enter’s back-up, and seemingly the only way to make Enter stop coming back is to kill Hiromu. This is truly a great development, and the consequences and the backlash from it are completely and totally felt in this episode from the characters and the plot progression. Hiromu’s thoughts on the reveal are great to hear. It’s a lose-lose situation for him, so to see him think about whether to kill himself or let the world go to destruction is awesome to revel in. It’s not much unlike the ending of Blade, where two equally horrible fates are the only choices for Kenzaki and Hajime.

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Knowing that Go-Busters has already broken the tropes that Sentai has previously been seeped in, who knows what solution will be gained from the end-game? I wouldn’t be surprised if Hiromu dies. This whole situation just makes you wait on pins and needles for the next episode, and the tension is GREAT.


The fighting in the episode was nothing to shake a stick at. Lordy! was it so very well choreographed! Also, the fights took quite a while to complete; it was no thirty-second tussle. These fights were long and involved, but they never felt drawn-out, as the weight of the fight was deeply entrenched; you could feel the desperation in all combatants, and the struggles were tangible.


Also, Enter fences.
The best villain just got even cooler.

best thing ever

So… Escape. She has been slowly and slowly turning into a royal nutjob lately, and this episode just reaffirmed that fact. Upon having been revived so many times, Escape is becoming less and less stable; she is becoming corrupt. This is really making me care for her actions, as they are rampant and insane. One thing about that that was done really well was that her Metaroid form is corrupt, showing signs of asymmetry and destruction of design. A good touch, as it shows well her descent into corruption.


Along with her insanity, her power is also growing; she has the ability to fuse with animals to gain more and more strength, and she can turn into a Megazord at any time. Great additions to her character; I hope that they are brought back when she comes back for an ultimate fight.

dem wings

Going off of Escape, there is a moment in the forest where Enter and Escape are talking. Enter is distraught that Escape is not coming back to life the way he wants her to, that she will never be the same as she was before; she is corrupted. Enter is shocked that he is even trying to bring her back, and he blames it on the love data that Escape gathered. What’s going on here? Does Enter love Escape, and to what capacity? And, is this a genuine love? Or is he just following a directive against his will?
It will be very interesting to see where this leads.


And the ending.
I didn’t see it coming, and it hit me like a ton of lead. We already knew that Enter was stealing data from Hiromu, but to steal the ability to henshin into a ‘Buster?! WAT. It was unnerving to see this reveal, especially since the direction of the scene was so superb and purposeful. The uttering of “Let’s… morphin’” was spectacular, and the addition of Hiromu’s face transposed onto Enters (showing off his data stealing) was spooky, to say the least.


Enter is obtaining his goal of becoming a real person, no… a perfect human!

All righty, readers, this is it: two episodes left until the end! This end-game is keeping its strength up, and it promises to be one awesome ending.

Stay tuned for more!

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