My Thoughts: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Ep 49: Resolve and Decisions

By VIR on February 22, 2013

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This week’s episode of Go-Busters—entitled Resolve and Decisions—starts off with a fight between all of the ‘Busters and Enter. Enter, having just henshined into a demonized Red Buster, beats the team left and right; he has gained extreme power and cannot be beaten by the ‘Busters.


The fight continues, and Enter is winning. He retreats, however, to set up a mysterious master plan. The ‘Busters are in a jam, wondering what Enter is up to and worrying about Hiromu’s countenance. A short pep talk later (one that dwells on their loss and the future), the ‘Busters are ready to fight again… but to what loss?


Upon returning to the HQ, the Go-Busters are greeted with shocking news about Enter’s plan: he is taking over Enetron tanks to gather enough energy to take over the world, thus enslaving and ruling all things in it.


Reaching the Enetron tank that has been taken over, the ‘Busters are greeted with a grizzly sight: people wrapped up in cables having their life-force taken from them. The Go-Busters decide to gather their Buster Machines and take the fight directly to Enter. This all goes well until Enter—having gathered so much Enetron—turns an Enetron tank into a Megazord and fights the ‘Busters!

enter zord

Losing once again, the Go-Busters decide to transport themselves into Hyperspace with Enter in tow. This will save the city and destroy Enter as well as the remnants of Hyperspace. After a brow-beating fight, our heroes successfully trap and transport themselves and Enter to Hyperspace. What will come of our heroes? Will they defeat Enter in time and escape to ever-weakening Hyperspace?!


And there we have it: a not too terribly exciting, yet not too terribly shabby second to last episode. This one introduced new ideas and interesting points, but didn’t really blow me away as the previous episodes have. By that fact alone, there isn’t too much to talk about.

The coolest thing about this episode was Enter (as usual [unless Blue Buster does something crazy again]), and this time he was particularly awesome. Having gained all of Hiromu’s data, he can now become the Red Buster, albeit a more demonized version. I really like the design of Enter-Buster, as it truly captivates the idea that Enter is Hiromu now, just a perverted and vengeful Hiromu.


I think a good way to describe this suit is “hateful.”

Coming off of Enter, we get to see his custom Megazord. This ‘Zord left me a little cold. It was dead and placid enough looking to be slightly chilling in design, but it was not as impactful or as cool looking as Escape’s Megazord. This is probably due to the fact that it suddenly appears and gives me—the viewer—very little time to let it register.


There were some pretty great character moments in this episode. We got to see Hiromu grasp the fact that he may very well die, a poignant fact of his mortality. Ryuuji confides in Hiromu that if all else fails, he will kill Hiromu. This scene was powerful and showcased well the friendship, determination, and resolution between the team.


We also get to see Jin talk about his own master plan, one that could possibly save Hiromu from his fate but also destroy Jin in the process. For Jin to contemplate this action shows just how far he has come from his first introduction. He’s finally caring about others and to such a great degree. His character is finally coming to fruition.


The fights in this episode, especially the ‘Zord fights, were gripping to watch. You knew just how much riding on the shoulders of the heroes; if this does not work, then all is lost. This tension was tangible and captivating. The HQ being destroyed also solidified the intensity of the scene, making the whole endeavor not solely about the ‘Zords, but about the Busters’ team as a whole.


Episode 50 promises to be a truly outstanding episode. We’re almost done here, and very many things can happen here, all of which will be truly outstanding and hopefully amazing. Stay tuned as we wrap up!

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