The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 1B: We hate cheeky grins

By Dkun on November 09, 2012


With the issue of figuring out a name for our podcast taken care of, we finally start our grand adventures as the new OtakuDX Show! Join us as we discuss the news, what we've been gettin', what we've been be playin', and what we've been watchin'! 


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In this part we talk about:

Stupid cheeky grins

Bending the rules

Chinese tsundere Miku

The best tank team.


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the_otakudx_show_001b.mp338.37 MB

VF5SS - November 10, 2012 4:01pm


For the record I am rather indifferent to cheeky grins.

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