Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 10!

By VIR on April 09, 2013

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Episode 10 of Dokidoki! Precure generates animosity between friends and, at the same time, generates excellent growth and development of main characters through situations that fall within the purview of real life. A serious and demanding episode, it fares well.

Let’s talk:

Rikka, once again—it’s a trend, I tell you—was awesome in this episode, as she was the main focus (even though that focus was assumably going towards Kenzaki). We got to see just how strong and loving of a relationship that Rikka and Mana share with Raquel suggesting that Rikka could be Mana’s loving wife for how much she cares about her (I know, it’s weird).


This setup makes the rest of the episode more potent when Rikka struggles with jealousy over Mana spending more time with Kenzaki, a very real emotion and response. This was interesting to see as it was done in a dark and serious way; we’ve had ‘Cures struggle with this before, but not in such a down-to-earth way, one so subtle yet real. It helped that Rikka didn’t even know that she was being jealous; she could only describe her feelings as a “tightness in her chest.”


The confusion and questioning of her situation and feelings moved the scenario forward, and it worked well.

Speaking of jealousy, I was SURE that Rikka was going to be this week’s Selfishness host. There was so much emphasis on her jealousy—monologues, internal debates, dark moments—that I was ready, so ready, for Marmo or any of the Trumps to whisper to her. Seeing as how this is the second, possibly third time one of the girls has struggled with feelings of jealousy and selfishness, I would not be surprised if one—or all of them—become a Selfishness at one point. I mean, not only have we had three sets of Dark Cures before, but in Yes! Precure 5 the ‘Cures also completely succumbed to despair.
It could—and should—totally happen.


Stop pondering about it, it would be awesome!

Speaking of Rikka, we get to see her mom for the first time today. It was a rather bland introduction, simply “my mother’s home,” but it worked as not to make anything superficially important about it; this is new to us, not the character, so it shouldn’t be some grand and ostentatious display.


We see right away that their relationship is strong. I’m glad to see Rikka’s mom act like a mother in this scene, as it promotes the idea that these little girls will seek advice and comfort from their elders and loved ones, thus making each interaction feel real and warranted.


Now just to wait for Rikka’s dad to show up…

Kenzaki is becoming more and more the odd character. Yes, she’s a hardened warrior from another world, but she’s also a dunce. This does, however, give us more insight into her previous life as royalty and plenty of awesome moments like these:



Alice shows up for about four minutes in this episode, and each time was a little too perfect as far as timing is concerned, almost like the plot demanded it…
It was a little unsettling for her to randomly show up right on time; it felt weak for her to show up at the exact moment that Rikka was needing help and advice. At this point, it feels like Alice’s character has only been used for giving advice and taking the girls places that they normally couldn’t get to, like the TV station she owns.


While Alice’s advice was solid and said scenes were good in themselves, their implementation felt weak. It also feels like Alice’s character has been type-casted way too hard. I only hope that the writers start to develop her more and give her more of an individual presence, not one simply of a mentor (which I would have given to Kenzaki more than her).


And there we have it, readers!
Stay tuned for Episode 11!

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