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By VIR on May 20, 2013

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Episode 16 of Dokidoki! Precure introduces the power-struggle of possession between Mana and Regina. Regina finds Mana to be insatiably interesting and wants her for herself, for Mana to be her best friend. Mana obliges to only find her distanced from her true friends, thus starting a whole new entanglement.

Let’s talk:

Regina has been quite the trouble maker recently, and this episode is of particular notice. We see Regina finding extreme interest in Mana, saying that she “will make her mine.” This immediately struck me with a question: why would such a nefarious and iniquitous person find so much interest in one so kind and virtuous?

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I’m reminded of the novel “The Picture of Dorain Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The main antagonist is a man by the name of Lord Henry. Lord Henry “Harry” Wotton, you see, revels in sin and debauchery; there’s nothing under the sun that he has not partaken in, and he loves every minute of his sordid existence. However, though he has swum in the pools of hedonism, there is still one act that he feels would pleasure him the most: the perversion and destruction of a young innocent, a man to whom is in infatuated, a man by the name of Dorian Gray. Enter our Dorian Gray, Aida Mana.


Mana is a herald to all that is good and pure in this world. She an innocent girl who helps all those who ask; she is there for her friends, all life is good, and all people worthy. Regina sees this, and is fascinated by it; “That girl is much more interesting” says she. Regina wants to be Mana’s friend for the sole act of destroying or discipling her as is most evident in this episode. She tempts her with leaving school to play, taking her away from her responsibilities; she steals her from her closest friends, especially Rikka, the Basil to Dokidoki’s Dorian, so that only they can spend time together; she even goes as far as to say that Mana is very “useful” to her.


This is almost verbatim to Dorian’s relationship with Lord Harry. Familiarity breeds not contempt, readers, but rather trust, and to get Dorian to trust him, Lord Harry begins to twist and dominate Dorian’s life, making him see what Harry has to offer and how “good” and “safe” everything Harry dabbles in is.
You want something? Take it.
You’re going up stairs? Here, my power can make that easier for you.
You want a drink? Demand it.
Lord Harry makes Dorian need him, makes him his only friend; Dorian no longer needs Basil. Basil was quite literally “fired” from being Dorian’s friend, as he was the last buoy of restraint in the torrent of sin whisking our Dorian away.

ur fird

Proverbs 13:20 - Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Regina’s full influence would not be felt with the wise and moral Rikka around. Just as how Basil was kept away from Dorian, Rikka's words were made to fall short of Mana's ears.


In a final act of corruption, Regina reminds Mana of all the things that she has done for her, and that now she owes Regina a similar level of devotion; she demands that Mana stop being friends with anyone but her. This not only reminds me of Dorian, but also of Dr. Faustus.


Dr. Faustus wants nothing more than the power of Magic as all other sciences and disciplines bore him and are of no long lasting value. Mephistopheles promises the Dr. Magic but for one price: his soul. To mirror this, Mana wants nothing else that to help all who ask, to be friends with those who need one. Regina promises Mana this friendship, but for one price: unending and solely devoted friendship and camaraderie.

The road to ruin has been paved in front of Mana, and all the most tempting treasures adorn it. We’ve all had it said, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and trying to befriend Regina is about as good as they get...


An interesting thing, however, is that Regina also fits well the character of Dorian, but instead of going from innocent to evil, the opposite is incurred. Dorian finds Lord Harry to be a very interesting man and, after pondering the consequences, agrees to follow him. Regina knows nothing about friendship or selflessness; meeting Mana is the first time that Regina has heard of said concept and we see at the end of the episode just how wildly it entrances her. Dorian was corrupted trying to emulate Lord Harry; I wonder if Regina will follow suit with Mana as her Lord Henry, the holder of all forbidden experience...


Whether Regina is our Lord Harry, Mephistopheles, or poor Dorian, she promises to be quite an intriguing character. Filled with deceit, longing, and want, Regina will certainly develop more into the villain or the victim in due time. These Faustian themes have been sown into our story and our heroes have tended their cultivation…

And there we have it, readers!
Stay tuned for episode 17!

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