Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 2!

By VIR on February 11, 2013

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This week’s episode of Dokidoki! Precure – entitled Oh No! Cure Heart’s True Identity is Revealed! – introduces a lot of captivating and endearing aspects and traits which will hopefully be pronounced throughout the show’s life.

Let’s talk:

This episode warmed me up to the show, as it truly did introduce a lot of good things. Firstly, all three characters were subtly and overtly developed. When we saw Rikka and Mana talking with each other, it really felt like they are old friends, that they know each other on a very personal level (I suppose that’s what twelve years of friendship can give you); their interactions felt real and earnest. When Rikka was worried about Mana’s wanting to help everything in sight, it felt real; these characters genuinely care for each other.

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Another thing that is noteworthy are the subtle character traits. Whenever Mana gets nervous, she twists a lock of her hair; Rikka doesn’t always wear her glasses. These two actions make both characters feel alive. Mana twisting her hair is completely superfluous, so its addition is profound because of that. Rikka putting on her glasses will undoubtedly punctuate actions and emotions from her. A very nice touch overall.

twist and shout

Kenzaki was also developed more in this episode, and it was nice. Upon healing the Selfishness, Cure Heart extends her friendship to Cure Sword. Cure Sword immediately retorts saying that she is NOT Mana’s friend. Before leaving, she asks Mana if she will be ready to fight when the Selfish truly attack, doubting her resolve. When this happened, it solidified Kenzaki’s place as the group mentor (to a degree) as she knows the cold reality of being a legendary warrior. She is going to be a very serious, mysterious, and – most likely – a deeply scarred character that will hopefully unfurl at moments. I really, really want to know more about her.

cool cool cool cool

More details were presented for the environment, too. Ever since the beginning when stuff got destroyed, it magically healed itself for no reason. This time around, though everything gets healed, it gets healed with a mystifying light. This would say that there is a reason behind it; it would be nice to see it expanded upon.


More subtleties comin’ atcha: Cure Heart doesn’t know how to de-henshin. I appreciated this quip, as it shows that Mana really is a fourteen-year-old girl who was thrust into hero-ship. I always like it when Cures have to learn how to be Cures; it makes everything feel more legitimate, and it doesn’t destroy that facet of the character’s growth (Futari Wa, I’m looking at you).

how do

The fight in this episode was also very detailed and epic. The punched were very, very hard; you could seriously feel the Selfish get hit. There was motion blur and disruptive sketch-lines added to make sure every punch hurt. There were also two epic moments that were added: the buckling of the hand-rail when Sword was lifting the Selfishness and Heart’s hand burning while sliding on that cable. This was excellent to see; grade A action right there. This just shows again that show is going to be very hard-hitting.


Ira and Marmo are once again seen interacting well with each other, getting mad at one another and tag-teaming against Cure Heart. I hope that this keeps up, as the most interesting villains are the ones that hate each other yet have a profound fraternity.

moar plox

I was excited to see Mana’s family get some screen time in this episode. Her dad, mom, and grandpa were all on screen (though only her dad had input into the scene and scenario). Her dad expressed love and consoles his daughter, giving her wisdom and advice. I hope that this becomes a recurring idea as families haven’t really been in the forefront of Precure lately, and it’s always an excellent thing to see as it gives so much to the character and the show as a whole. Hopefully they will all stay relevant.


The music in this episode was very retro; it immediately brought me back to the days of Splash Star and Yes! 5 with its horns and strings. The subtitle intro and the eye-catch songs were very evident of this, and it sounds so very good.


Lastly, my fears about the animation are assuaged after this episode. Everything loosened up and flowed a lot better and everything just looked smoother. That, and I’m finally getting used to the color palette, and it’s pretty nice.

this is a good thing

And there we have it, readers. Episode 2 proved to be quite the adventure, and it has hopefully paved the way for the rest of the year.
Stay tuned for more!


Note: You’ll notice that I did not summarize this episode. The way I see it, you’ve hopefully seen the episode already (I mean, why else would you be reading an analysis?). I don’t want to waste your OtakuDX browsing time telling you what you already know; therefore, I shall refrain from recapping what happened from this point on.

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