Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 3!

By VIR on February 18, 2013

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This week’s episode of Dokidoki! Precure—entitled The Greatest Partner Arrives! Cure Diamond!!—develops and delves into the character of Rikka and her transformation into Cure Diamond.

Let’s talk:

This episode introduced many aspects of Rikka’s character, some that were new and exciting. We learn that Rikka is a woman of SCIENCE, and that is introduced to us in a character-indicative fashion: when pressed with wanting to learn more about Precure, Rikka takes the Cure Lovies and examines them with a microscope and views them with an objective mind, coming to sound conclusions. This was great to see, especially since there haven’t been many times where ‘Cures have wondered about their devices and equipment, many times less actually learned about them.

she blinded me

I hope that this facet of her character gets more screen time, as it looks to be fascinating. I just hope that it does not become over-exaggerated and over-encompassing; I don’t need another Honoka…

Rikka’s personality—as we learned in this episode—is also dubious and doubtful; skeptical, if you please. She is not accepting to new ideas, and is ready to downplay her own abilities when presented with a problem, such as becoming Precure. This is entrancing to me, as I love characters that are pessimist and cynics that follow objective rules.


We got to see and learn more about both Mana’s and Rikka’s family this time around. Mana’s dad and grandpa seem to have a feud going on over food, and her mother might come out as being the family referee. I’m ecstatic that her family is this important so far, and that they feel like a natural and integral part of the story-telling; hopefully this will continue and develop.


Rikka’s family is more complex. Her mother is a doctor that is never really around when Rikka is, and he father is a world famous photographer that travels around the world. It would seem that she never gets to spend time with either of them (especially her father). This could possibly foreshadow some interesting character development and some moments where Rikka could break down from the lack of spending time with her parents; she seemed distraught when her mother wasn't home when she arrived, so this could be a very captivating moment later.

sadness AHOY

This show seems to be character and story focused, very much so, in fact. It has broken away from the systematic-episode mold and is flowing in a natural and story-driven way. We focused almost completely on Rikka this episode; we didn't get this type of character-focus in Smile until episode 40+. If this keeps up, we could have an excellent story on our hands.


And we’re just three episodes in! That’s the crazy part!

We are introduced to Bel this episode. He seems to be a leader (or at least a higher-ranking individual… or just persnickety), so that gives a sense of hierarchy to the scenario. This will—once again—give interplay between the villains, which is a good thing.

bel aire

The Mysterious Man is getting more mysterious (imagine that). When confronted by Mana and Rikka, he claims to not know what either of them is talking about. He is obviously playing dumb, and this makes me want to know just what he really does know. Who is this man? Where is he from? What purpose does he serve?

Sorry, Coupe

We got to see just how important and great the friendship is between Mana and Rikka this episode. Rikka admires Mana to no end, saying that she cannot be Precure because she is not as good as Mana. This humility shows that there is genuine respect and love between these characters. This was also shown when Rikka was invited over for dinner in a warm way. This was concreted again in her flashback to when they first met: “Because you were there, every day was fun and sparkling.”


This is not a frufy-luuloo super-happy-fun-time friendship; this is deep.
This is real.

Also, the fairies are ADORABLE.


And there we have it, readers.
Stay tuned for episode 4!

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