Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 4!

By VIR on February 26, 2013

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This week’s episode of Dokidoki! Precure—entitled I’ll Have to Refuse! I Won’t Become a Precure!!—introduces into a brighter light the character of Yotsuba Alice and her struggles with becoming Cure Rosetta.

Let’s talk:

This episode centers around Yotsuba Alice, a rich girl who is friends with Mana and Rikka and has been for many years. I was excited to finally learn more about Alice since her first and brief appearance in episode 1. We see that Alice is very smart, techy, and has control over many parts of the city and its citizens, nothing like the character I assumed she would be like: disillusioned, naïve, and spoiled. She is a thinking character, one that plans ahead and makes sure that Mana and Rikka’s identities are safe from prying eyes and minds as her self-pinned job as their “producer.”


Her character is refreshing to see. I’m glad that she—as well as Mana and Rikka—have yet to fall into one set character type; they all feel alive and real at this point. Alice is rich but not disillusioned and haughty; Rikka is smart but doesn’t lack common sense and sorority (in fact, she is about the only one with common sense); and Mana is somewhat klutzy but is the best student council president ever. This makes the characters feel well-rounded and likable.


This episode does another thing that I truly appreciate: keeping consequences alive and making them real-life, not half-life or full-life consequences. In real life, you will be seen by others if you’re a magical being, and people will be freaking out about it. This being brought up in the episode gave the whole show a new level of depth and realism. This aspect is not necessary to write into a show (kind of like showing scenes where super-action-gun-mens are reloading their super-action-gunz). Writing in a scenario like this proves to me once again that the story is the number one consideration for Dokidoki, and that is good!

foot age

Going along with that is the episode arching plot point of Mana and Rikka losing Lance. In any other Precure show, they would have lost Lance and then found him in the same episode. The fact that Dokidoki ended an episode on the realization of this fact and then started the next episode having this come to conclusion was unexpected and fantastic. This is another perfect example of the show’s un-episodic nature, its emphasis on story. This show is not written episode to episode; it’s one entire story broken up twenty-two minutes at a time.


The quality here is unmistakable.

Rikka’s interjection on Cure Rosetta’s attack “Rosetta Wall” blew my mind. Rikka said that Rosetta’s attack used noise-cancellation to make the Selfishness’s attack disperse. This is a real scientific concept used in noise and energy cancellation (basically anything with waves). This was impressive because the writers brought up a real scientific reason why a magical attack worked. This is completely unprecedented! This was also another great moment for Rikka to shine as a character.


This was exactly my face when I heard her say that.

The animation in this episode was lively and less strict than before in a couple of moments. With Mana and Rikka’s more expressive faces, the scene was able to solidify their emotions without taking you out of the moment thus making it more potent and, well… funnier, too.

dat faces

Alice has a father figure: Sebastian. He comes to her and gives her advice and teaches her an important lesson in this episode. As with Mana, she has an important relationship with a superior, something that will undoubtedly generate good character growth.
Also, Sebastian is a stone-cold boss. I can’t wait to see more of his interactions with Alice and to know more about him as a character; he seems mighty interesting.


Speaking of Alice, where is her family? We get to see a flashback of her Grandpa, but no one else. Where are her parents? Does she have any? Or are they, too, away? Or do we have a Batman scenario here (if all that tech and that super-car of hers in anything to go by, then I think YES)?


Also, just how much power does Alice have in this city? She can delete security camera footage and remove eye-witness accounts from the internet with no trouble at all. This is some major power. One has to wonder if it stops there and also where she got it from.


Also, Alice is the destructor.


Watch yourself, Gozer…

Lastly, because it was adorable and subtle, Rikka, when talking with Mana about Alice, is seen rubbing Raquel’s ears. This physical affection was charming to say the least.


And there we have it, readers!
Stay tuned for episode 5!

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